Enemas, Bastis & Colonics: Think Twice Before Sticking Anything Up Your Bum

This article to get you thinking twice about enemas and anything you consider sticking up your pelvic floor’s larger orifice, whether it’s water, oil, salt water, coffee or a herbal decoction.

Note, enemas are one of the five most powerful therapies in Ayurveda (Panchakarma), and Ayurveda has significantly extensive knowledge and experience in this medical intervention. 

A few things to be aware of:

1. Unctuousness

In Ayurveda, there are thousands of enemas, (called Bastis) made up of various formulas. Not one of them are without the unctuousness quality, (a “friendly” type “oily” quality, called snigdha in Ayurveda). 

Water irrigation colonics, decoction enemas (including Ayurvedic herbal decoctions) and coffee enemas without any oil and procured without specific preparation processes will have a scarping action (langhana) inside the gut. This can damage the internal tissues and eliminate the healthy tissue (improper catabolism).

2. Honour Your Nervous System

Enemas are not only for the gut! As a matter of fact, the primary use of enemas are for your nervous system! Your navel is home to the Enteric Nervous System (the largest nerve plexus in the body) where all your nerve plexuses end in. This is why Ayurvedic bastis are powerful to nourish, (not detox), the nervous system, emotions, the mind and help in psychiatric disorders, auto-immune disorders, severe genetic conditions and dry nervous disorders like Parkinson’s and dementia.

Most bastis are small amounts of medicated oil (20ml-60ml) to be held in and absorbed into the gut, and not eliminated. They stay there to nourish your rich gut flora and can even penetrate every cell in your body if you use a precious basti oil. Contact Vital Veda to order matra basti oil. Orders via email only.

3. Coffee Enemas

Since your enteric system is the main organism getting flooded with the intra-rectal fluid of your choice, think twice before you pour your morning cappuccino up your bum.

Coffee enemas are definitely not suited to the majority of people and can act as a dehydrating gastro-intestinal irritant. 

4. Not All Oils are Equal

Those who know Ayurveda, know it holds profound knowledge on oils.

There are many methods of preparing the oils, and there is a specific one that is ideal for bastis - which is a “soft preparation method” (“mrdu paka”) to be gentle on the gut. Other oils may have some ama (toxins) as they are not purified properly and this enters into vulnerable organs since bastis bypass the liver.

5. Holistic Treatment Approach

As with all purification procedures, consider pre treatment and post treatment. We can learn from Ayurveda’s premier cleansing therapy called Panchakarma,” in that it has a “Purva Karma” (pre-action) and a “Pasjart Karma” (post-karma) with all cleansing therapies. Also your agni (digestive fire) has to be in a precise state before doing cleansing enemas. For this you need an experienced physician.

Have you had an enema before? What is your experience? Comment below.

Vital Veda Enema (Basti) Oil

We use a precious, fine basti oil and supply the kit and instructions.
This oil is prepared by the Raju family in a complex procedure.

You can read about the basti oils here:

Food Addictions, Quick Highs & Compulsive Behaviours with Myra Lewin #017

About Myra Lewin

Myra embraced the power of Ayurveda and Yoga when her career as a corporate executive had previously made it difficult to manage her health. This prognosis pushed her to seek out a holistic lifestyle that would allow her body and mind to find balance.

She undertook trainings in Ayurveda and Yoga in India and around the world and as she healed her own body and mind through these ancient sciences, they became the foundation for her life.

Myra founded Hale Pule Ayurveda and Yoga in 1999 as a place for those on a journey towards greater health and genuine contentment.

Myra is the author of two books, Freedom in Your Relationship with Food and Simple Ayurvedic Recipes, a professional member of the National Ayurvedic Medical Association (NAMA) and Yoga Alliance, and has more than 50,000 hours of Yoga teaching experience spanning 20 years. She has studied with some of the world’s most prominent practitioners of Ayurveda and Yoga, including Sunil Joshi, David Frawley, Robert Svoboda, Maya Tiwari, Sarasvati Buhrman, Vasant Lad, Sandra Kozak, Pattabhi Jois, Ramanand Patel, and Richard Freeman, among others. She has spoken at several conferences around the world.

Myra leads Yoga teacher trainings and Ayurvedic trainings and immersions in New Zealand and all over the world. She offers Ayurvedic health consultations, panchakarma, and dosha balancing treatments both in-person and by video conference. Among many of her clients, she is known as the "baby whisperer" because of amazing success stories helping couples use Ayurveda to overcome infertility issues.

When Myra is not helping others find balance in their lives, you’ll find her knee-deep in the dirt pulling weeds, making date pecan muffins in the kitchen, surfing, swimming, hiking or playing with her pups, Sukha and Nika.

In This Episode We Discuss

How Myra got into Ayurveda and Yoga

Ghee significantly helping Myra and being a catalyst in begining her jouney in Ayurveda. 

What is was like to study with David Frawley.

Significant teachers on Mryas path.

The importance of being present in our own practices for our self and to help others.

Establishing your self in Being and doing the work yourself before treating others and also before learning intellectually.

Aspects in today’s society that need to be addressed by healers.

Myras two biggest ways to make a difference in peoples lives.

Give them a little opening, a little snippet, don’t give them to much. Give them more light (sattva) and reduce tamasic activities (lower vibration activities).


Quick highs and additions - alcohol, exercise. 

Addiction to excitement, adrenaline, crating negative drama.

Sattva, Rajas and Tamas - the three mental gunas (qualities).

Ways to increase Sattva (Purity)

Reduce and eliminate the addiction.

Substitute actions for addictions:
Chant a manta, go for a walk, stop and take 12 deep breaths and smile to myself, talk to a friend.

Provide comfort in a different way.

Food addictions.

Metabolic issues of eating to often and snacking.

Becoming attached to particular effects that particular foods bring.

Not chewing foods.

Vata imbalance twisting the mind to become delusional about their situation. 

The biological effect of drinking a glass or two of wine regularly.

The Ayurvedic prescription on wine as medicine. 

Spiritual people regularly putting stimulates like coffee in them. 

Pranayama (breathing techniques) to gain and boost energy.

Myras four forms of pranayama to purify the body.

Nadi Shodana (Alternate nostril breathing) as one of the best forms of pranayama.

Dylan Smith doing Pranayam (movement of Prana) while sitting in a rock on a river

Self-administering herbs in a manipulative way.

Actions to take to prevent food cravings and addictions:

  • Chew your food properly
  • Don’t eat (snack) in between meals
  • Include the six tastes in a balanced way.
  • Make eating like a ritual.
  • Good fats like ghee.
  • Proper intake of drinking water.
  • Reduce salads. 

Yagya - an offering or surrendering of preferences in order to trigger certain laws of nature.

Agni Hotra - a yagya and fire ceremony done during sunrise and sunset. It cultivates the transcendental energy that is dominant during sunrise and sunset.

The new plans for Myras Ayurvedic institute, “Hale Pule” as it moves to New Zealand. 


Hale Pule - The Ayurveda and Yoga institute that Myra founded.

Agni Hotra - short fire ceremony to be done at sunrise and sunset.

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