Valium – The Most Ambiguous Drug Ever

Do you occasionally take Valium? I bet you know people who do? People take it “only occasionally” during plane travel, or when sleep is really being a nuisance.

However Valium, aka Diazepam, is actually not good for sleep, or stress, or anxiety. At all.

Valium belongs to a class of chemicals called benzodiazepines, which are used as both tranquillisers and sleeping pills. These substances were greeted in their day as revolutionary. At the height of its immense popularity, Valium was said to account for a whopping one-quarter of all new prescriptions written in USA!

The job of a benzodiazepine is to activate the brain’s GABA receptors – which provides a sedative effect for stress, sleep and anxiety.

Interestingly, studies in Europe showed certain peptides (proteins) in cow’s milk also activate the brain’s GABA receptors. This is why good ol’ fashion Ayurvedic Golden Milk, just like grandma used whip up for you, and which is now a fad (however hipsters are replacing cows milk with other “milks” which don’t have these peptides), is a potent sleep tonic and stress reducer.

But back to Valium. It is now known:

  • It is addictive.
  • It produces sleep irregularities of its own (interfering with stages of sleep).
  • Serious withdraw symptoms occur after prolonged use.
  • Studies in the UK show it produced dramatic negative changes in human’s micro-biome.
  • Valium out-competes the body’s own neuro-chemicals and takes over their receptor sites. This kind of interference confuses the nervous system which actually worsens anxiety and stress in the long run.
  • The monocytes of the immune system are attracted to valium, affecting the immune system and adding more confusion in the body as unknown messages are being sent into the immune system. This is very risky in a time where cancer incidents are on the rise and having a strong immune system is vital.
  • Valium is the second most deadly drug in Scotland, responsible for 32 percent of drug-related deaths in 2011.
Valium is killing Scotland's drug-taking poor.       (photo: Vice)

Nature has already provided our bodies with an exact internal analogue to Valium, which means that we are clumsily reproducing something that already exists in nearly perfect form.

Ayurveda teaches us how to awaken our natural bio-chemical, hormonal and enzyme function, proper immune function and nervous system stability.

If you attempt to duplicate natural events with a drug, the results are nowhere near as precise, orderly, and beautifully orchestrated. In fact, they are chaotic.


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