From Aggressive Addict to Indigenous Elder & Spiritual Leader | Pirate Myangah Butler #079

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Pirate Butler got his name because he has one eye, one leg and a tattooed face.
He was a drug and alcohol addict for forty years, did time in prison for too long and spent decades in a violent culture where it was dangerous to express emotions and open your heart and mind.
At a critical time, the spirit within this indigenous man was sparked.
Connection to country and culture was the light that dissipated the darkness.
Today, Pirate embodies the sacred wisdom and practices of indigenous Australia and shares it to help those who not only require healing, but anyone that yearns for deeper connection to country, indigenous culture and natural law.

About our guest: Pirate Myangah Butler

Pirate is a Budawang man from the Yuin Nation from the Southeast Coast of Australia.

Myangah (“sea eagle”) is his skin name.

Pirate is an artist who uses traditional materials on a contemporary base to create sculptures, weapons, tools, totemic items, paintings and so much more.

He as a wealth of knowledge and helps a diverse range of people undergoing various troubles or disadvantages.

In this Episode we Discuss:

Pirate’s Background Story & Life Journey

Growing up away from his native culture.
Drug addiction.
Being reintroduced into aboriginal culture by long-lost family members.
Myangah (“Sea eagle”) - his skin name.
Learning and re-learning to find his own place in society. 

Pirate’s View on The Current State of Affairs in Australia

The imprisonment of black Australian youth
Spiking suicide rates during the covid pandemics
The life expectancy of indigenous men vs. white men in Australia. 

The Alienation Experienced by Native Australians

Being removed from their own country, family, culture & language.

The Aboriginal Way of Life, And How to Learn & Live It

Learning survival skills

How the aboriginal people lost the art of war and thus couldn’t defend themselves from the English conquerors. 

Being in communion with Mother Nature, not owning but instead taking care of their surroundings. 

“Eating the Fire” - Pirate connecting to Fire Spirit and consuming fire spirit.

Preservation of Forests, Water and Native Wildlife

Firestick farming and other preservation tactics.

Growing sustainable crops that are native to the land.

Attaining a Reconciliation Between Native Australians and White Australians

The hardships of reconciliation.

The retreats that allow white people to spend quality time with Natives. 

Being able to understand and empathize with what the Other is and has experienced is the only way to attain any type of reconciliation.


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