Why Social Isolation & Distancing Increases Disease

The second law of thermodynamics states:

"The total entropy (chaos) of an isolated system can never decrease over time.”
~ Second law of thermodynamics

This means, when any system: humans, plants, space, nature, animals, - become isolated, chaos manifests.

Chaotic biology, chaotic microbiome, chaotic systems, chaotic mental state, chaotic order in political systems and operations, chaos in the collective consciousness and chaotic health.

Social distancing is silly. You are designed to absorb viruses. That is your job. They are important genetic information for immune health. They are part of you. We just happen to have a novel (new) virus which is currently migrating into our collective. We tend to fear the unknown. But welcome it. Don’t vilify and resist. Promote a harmonious environment so micro-organisms don’t become pathogenic and virulent.

Understand microbiology. Understand immunology. We want a strong immune system and diverse microbiome so any novel virus can migrate harmoniously to a comfortable degree.

Hide in your home and over sterilise and you develop a weak immune system. Then come out and get disease. Don’t try to manipulate nature or adhere to regulations that are attempting to control biology. Control is never progressive. Live in accordance with natural law and radiate.

Unfortunately viruses, to put it very bluntly, will thin the herd. This is the way nature works. It’s brim. It exposes those who eat processed foods, drink and bathe in water impregnated with toxins , hide from the sun, over expose to nnEMF, who have chronic disease and who violate natural law.

This is a harsh lesson from nature. But these events are part of evolution. We would be wise to learn from them.

If you choose to ignore reality, comply to certain regulations, violate natural law and neglect natural health, as my mother would say, “If you do this wrong and you know it, don’t come crying to me afterwards.”

Of course, like any flu, I trust you to be responsible in hygiene and appropriate activity, especially involving those immuno-compromised.