Pushya Nakshatra Dates & Times for Sydney 2022

In Pushya Nakshatra the soul flourishes like this lotus flower

Pusya / Pushyami / Pushya Nakshatra (Nakṣatra in Sanskrit) is one of the most auspicious constellations according to Vedic Astrology (jyotish).

Pusya Nakshatra occurs during specific dates & times of the year and it presents an auspicious opportunity to start taking any new Ayurvedic herb, particularly certain Ayurvedic herbal immunisations for babies, such as Pusya Drops.

Suggested Use of Pusya Drops:

For babies up to 1 year old - 2 drops 2x/day anytime, once a month on Pushya Nakshatra.
For children over 1 years old - 10 drops once a day . For 7 consecutive days starting on Pushya Nakshatra.

Another powerful Ayurvedic formula that is particularly taken during Pusya Nakshatra is Jyotishmati. This concoction promotes spiritual evolution, kundalini energy, mental and overall health.

The dates & times below are for Sydney, Australia. We recommend searching the time for your city using the Drik Panchang website. 

We recommended leaving a good gap before/after the time given to be well in the muhurta (time period).

January 18 & 19: begins at 10:07am (18th) | ends at 12:12pm (19th)
February 14 & 15: begins at 5:23pm (14th) | ends at 7:19pm (15th)
March 14 & 15: begins at 01:36am (14th) | ends at 03:38am (15th)
April 10 & 11: begins at 09:01am (10th) | ends at 11:21am (11th)
May 7 & 8: begins at 04:48pm (7th) | ends at 07:28pm (8th)
June 3, 4 & 5:  begins at 11:35pm (3rd) | ends at 2:25am (5th)
July 1 & 2: begins at 5:37am (1st) | ends at 8:26am (2nd)
August 24 & 25: begins at 06:09pm (24th) | ends at 08:46pm (25th)
September 21 & 22: begins at 01:37am (21st) | ends at 04:17am (22nd)
October 18 & 19: begins at 10:43am (18th) | ends at 01:32am (19th)
November 14 & 15: begins at 6:45pm (14th) | ends at 09:43pm (15th)
December 12 & 13:  begins 2:06am (12th) | ends at 5:06am (13th)

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