Ayurvedic Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy

A woman with her hands over her pregnant belly

Yay! You, your friend or family member is pregnant! Congratulations. I have written this guide and am here to assist you through this exciting (and sometimes scary) period of transition and growth.

According to Ayurveda, pregnancy and delivery can be the most rejuvenating experience of a women’s life, during which every cell of the mother’s body can be transformed. Unfortunately, in the west we did not get that knowledge and mothers often pay dearly with health concerns after a pregnancy.

During pregnancy, everything that the mother-to-be touches, smells, tastes, hears and sees has an imprinting influence on the foetus. Her actions not only form various health and physiological features of the future baby, but blueprint and dwell with the unborn human for their whole life which influences their health, even through old age.

That being said, this is a time for the pregnant lady to relax, retreat and do what she desires. There should be minimal restrictions and rules (these are below). She should be treated like a queen (fellas, I know you always do) and follow her desires with little friction.

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Guidelines for Throughout the Whole Pregnancy

Flood your Life with Sattva

Everything the mum-to-be does should be sattvic for both the mother and child. Sattva is a quality in us that translates to “purity.” If Sattva is increased, then so is our inner stillness, clarity of mind and contentment. Love radiates and flows in abundance, while the hormone oxytocin (also known as the “bonding/loving hormone”) is simultaneously secreting. 

Recommendations to enhance sattva in her mind, body and spirit:

  • Fresh, seasonal whole-foods cooked with love is sattvic food.
  • Create a nourishing and calm environment in your home and avoid stimulating and toxic (rajasic) environments like loud music and polluted air.
  • Surround yourself with loving, like-minded people and avoid toxic relationships and people who stress you out.

Self-Oil-Massage - It is always better for the soon-to-be-mum to do self-massage rather than getting done by a practitioner. If you don't feel like it, no need to do self-abhyanga in the first 6 months.

If receiving a massage from a practitioner, it should be a very, very light abhyanga, without touching the belly.
Avoid all treatments from another practitioner in the first trimester and eighth month.

Learn how to do Self-Oil-Massage here

Daily Meditation - The key to a healthy pregnancy and happy mother and baby. The foetus also absorbs her peaceful and alert attitude. Vedic meditation is recommended.

Abhyanga oil massage as a good alternative for hand soap

Reduce EMF (Electro-Magnetic-Field) Exposure

Wireless devices emit signals (EMF) that communicate with our mitochondria and cause mitochondrial dysfunction, which is a birth for many diseases. It also generates free radicals, dehydrates our body and thrashes our adrenal stress index. You definitely don’t want to expose your vulnerable foetus to EMFs. Mainstream medicine already knows this by restricting x-rays etc., but has not yet realised the danger of wireless devices like mobile phones, laptops, wifi etc.

Ways to Reduce EMF

  • Turn your wifi, smart TVs, mobile phone off at night and when you are not using them.
  • Whenever your mobile phone is near your body, keep it on aeroplane mode.
  • Avoid high density EMF environments that are like being in a microwave. Offices for example.
  • Purchase Belly Armour - a comfy shielding material to wear when you're out and about.
  • Neutralise nnEMFs with grounding in nature - barefoot on earth, walking on beach, swimming in natural bodies of ocean.

Reduce Ultrasounds

Unnecessary excess radiation. Studies show they do not improve birth outcomes. Get one mid-pregnancy, at 22 weeks to check body parts.


Reduce Aeroplanes

Studies showed flight attendants had a double chance of miscarriages because of the dense radiation exposure. Also, flying is probably the number one activity that aggravates vata the most.

Sleep On Your Left Side

Best to not sleep during the day, as proper night time sleep is essential.


Listen to Vedic Chants

Primordial sounds vibrate to the foetus to enliven desired aspects of consciousness. The vedic sounds also increase Sattva in the pregnant lady. Some good chants to listen to are the Bhagavad Gita and Hanuman mantras.

Balance Vata

The major theme during pregnancy is to balance vata, the energy of the nervous system. This is because the growth of the foetus and the process of giving birth is governed by Apana-Vata, the downward moving Sub-dosha of Vata. In cases of stress and tiredness, the upward-moving vata – called prana vata – has to step in and is redirected downward to support the needs of the baby. Lack of prana means lack of joyful feelings of pregnancy, which can leave the mum exhausted, depleted, tired and even depressed postpartum.

The key to balance vata is:

  1. Warmth (warm, cooked, nourishing foods, warm climate)
  2. Regularity (regular sleep times, meal times, meditation, regular bowel motions etc.)
  3. Rest - As much as possible. Times are designated to carry out work, travel or anything that requires strain (5th and 6th month).

All the recommendations in this article balance vata.

All 3 of your doshas are aggravated by the significant transition of pregnancy.

Correcting imbalances while pregnant is much easier than once the child is born! Of course it would be ideal if the woman could balance the doshas before conception.


Foods to Avoid Throughout the Whole Pregnancy

  • Papaya - Excess downward movement (Vata anulomana) and too much heat.
  • Pineapple - Certain enzymes which cause miscarriage and too much heat.
  • Undercooked meat (beef and pork) - A risk of contracting toxoplasmosis, parasitic disease that can infect the baby and produce many symptoms that vary from premature delivery and low birth weight, to malformations and mental retardation.
  • Raw and undercooked foods, especially leafy greens, beans and lentils.
  • Raw Fish and Seafood - includes sushi and all shellfish. Some bacteria like listeria and some parasites like anisakis can be found in contaminated seafood; they produce an intestinal infection, which can lead to dehydration. Fever and dehydration during pregnancy can be linked to abortion or preterm birth.
  • Seafood High in Mercury - The bigger and older the fish, the more likely that it’s contaminated with mercury. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) encourages pregnant women to avoid swordfish, shark, king mackerel, and tilefish. According to the 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans, pregnant women shouldn't exceed two seafood meals per week.
  • Raw Eggs - Can be contaminated with harmful bacteria, especially salmonella, which can produce a severe intestinal infection that leads to high fever and dehydration, which can be harmful for the baby. Avoid all products that may contain raw eggs, such as homemade dressings, mayonnaise, and eggnog.
  • Caffeine - you should not exceed 200 mg per day. Caffeine is a stimulant, and it may increase your heart rate and your blood pressure, both of which are not recommended during pregnancy. It crosses the placenta to your baby, increasing it's heart rate as well. This has been linked to prematurity, miscarriage, and low birth weight. A cup of coffee may contain anywhere from 150 to 400 mg of caffeine, depending on the type and brew.
  • Hot spicy foods.
  • Artificial flavours, preservatives and chemical additives.
  • Left-overs - Opposite to sattvic food (tamasic).
  • Excess honey - Too heating.
  • Shodana Vati / Triphala / Laxatives / Excess detox foods/herbs - Laxative herbs that cause vata anulomana should strictly be avoided in the first trimester, and also avoided for the rest of pregnancy.

Foods to Avoid Part of the Pregnancy

  • Hing (Asafoetida) - Avoid in first trimester. Vata anulomana and sharp quality, breaks stagnation. Also no external application.
  • Turmeric - For the first 6 months for those sensitive like older pregnant ladies and those prone to miscarriages. A little turmeric is fine but excess is too heating.
  • Raisins in excess.

Indicated Diet

Other than the foods to avoid, don’t restrict yourself too much and honour cravings.
Remember, you are eating for two body types, so you should not follow a strict diet for one body type. Honour your unique cravings in moderation, especially from the fourth month when the cravings you experience are more likely those of the baby.

  • Sweet taste - It is the most sattvic or wholesome for the baby. Dates, fresh breads cooked without oils, whole grains, rice, fruits, quinoa, cooked beetroot, carrot, sweet potato, hot milk, porridge.
  • Ghee, coconut oil.
  • Hot milk - one of the most nourishing, immunity boosting and ojas building foods.
  • Kitchari
  • Almonds soaked overnight then peeled the following day.

Tips to Help with Constipation during Pregnancy

It is important to have daily morning bowel motions during pregnancy.

  • Eat citrus fruits like oranges and mandarins.
  • Pomegranate.
  • Lots of cooked leafy greens.
  • Psyllium husk is okay after first trimester, but consult a good practitioner regarding psyllium.

Herbs Indicated During Pregnancy

Samadhi (Enlivens Unity in Mind & Body)

Samadhi Powder

Dhatu (Tissue Nourisher)

Smriti (Cellular Memory of Perfect Health)

Pregnancy Ghee (Sukhaprasava Ghritam)

Nasika (Nasal & Brain Oil)

Abhyanga Massage Oil

Abyanga Massage Oil (Coconut Based) 1 Litre

Special Phala Yoni Ghee


Morning Sickness

Morning sickness happens because the foreign body (foetus) changes the hormones and system. Some people are not compatible with this.

This does not mean you are unhealthy, in fact, it is traditionally believed morning sickness makes a baby more stronger and helps it survive.

Nausea Remedies

  • Madiphal rasayana - A fruity liquid Ayurvedic preparation that you take a small sip of whenever nausea is there. (Pictured).
  • Citrus fruits like lime.
  • Honey + ginger.
  • Cut the skin of unripe green lemon with your finger nail and sniff it.
  • Clove, fennel and ajwain powder mixed in equal quantities with unheated honey. (little less ajwain ).

Month-By-Month Pregnancy Insight

First Trimester: Extra Careful

This month is the riskiest for miscarriage. Therefore follow all the rules and diet advice more strictly including lots of rest and avoiding stress, work, travel and sex.

Keep it a secret - Mainly for those who are first time pregnant or have been unsuccessful with conceiving or miscarriages. Ayurveda recommends this to avoid bad energy from external people, known as Dristi Dosha (“Bad Eye”).

Prop the foot end of your bed up 8cm to that you are on a slight tilt towards your head. This helps prevent miscarriage.

Pumsavana Ayruvedic nasal therapy can be given in the second month to strengthen the foetus and the mother's ability to carry.

4th Month: Dhauhrda (“Two Hearts”)

According to Ayurveda, in the fourth month the foetus’s heart is endowed with consciousness and the senses are said to develop.
This month is known asDhauhrda,” which means two hearts. This is because through the arteries, the heart of the foetus is connected with that of the mother. Thus, through these vessels (dhamanis), the feelings of the foetus is transferred to the mother. The mother may feel unusual desires during this period, which are probably the desires of the child. It is advisable to give a pregnant woman whatever she desires.

During this month the women should never sleep during the day as proper night sleep is essential.

Foetal Development:

By the end of this month, the foetus is about 8-10 inches in length and weighs 200 grams or more. The mother will probably start to “show” now. The ears are functioning, and there is evidence that the foetus hears quite a bit; the mother’s voice and heartbeat as well as external noise. The umbilical cord has become an engineering marvel, transporting 280L of fluids per day and completing a round-trip of fluids every 30 seconds.

Anguli (finger), Jathara (GIT) and Katipradesha (pelvic regions) forms in the foetus.

5th and 6th Month: Lenient Time

If you have to work or have sex during pregnancy, this is the time. During sex woman should be on their back only and do not strain abdomen.

You may start Yoni Pichu this month if vata (dryness) is high in the vagina, but please consult a quality practitioner before this.

Foetal Development:

  • End of 5th month - Complete formation of Prusta Vamsa (vertebral column). Why Susruta samhita described to perform Upaveshan samskara (string belt) at 5th months in infants.
  • During 6th month - Mukha (face), nasika (nose), srota (ear), bones and cartilages are formed.
  • From the 6th month, the Buddhi (intelligence) starts to form so whatever you stress or actions you perform, you will give this to the baby.
  • Oil and sweat glands are functioning.
  • The delicate skin of the growing baby is protected from the foetal waters by a special ointment called “vernix.” If the baby were born in the month and given the proper care, he would survive.

7th Month: Nearly there

This month is in maintenance mode for a meticulous part of the pregnancy: the 8th month.

Foetus Development:
The baby now uses the four senses of vision, hearing, taste and touch. They can recognise his mother's voice.

8th Month: Vital Time for Increased Rest

The 8th month is very delicate. Where the subtle nutrient fluid called “Ojas,  that supports vitality and immunity, is transferred from foetus to the mother and back and forth.
This process should not be disturbed as it can leave the baby without or with low Ojas.
Thus, you need to get as much rest as possible and avoid what you are meant to avoid and enhance sattva.

Foetus Development:

  • The skin begins to thicken, with a layer of fat stored underneath for insulation and nourishment.
  • Antibodies increasingly build up.
  • The baby absorbs a3.7L) of amniotic fluid per day; the fluid is completely replaced every three hours.

9th Month: It's Coming!

Foetus Completely Developed:
This month the foetus is endowed with all characters and attains complete development. It can remember it's previous birth (purvajanma) which influences the quality of development.

The baby's heart is pumping 300 gallons of blood per day. They are fully capable of life outside the womb.

Research studies have concluded that an easy birth is highly dependant on a relaxed mind. Thus, surrendering the process of labour is key to a quick birth, as well as meditation.

Yoni Ghee

Soak an organic tampon in Yoni Ghee and then insert into vagina.
This softens and relaxes cervix.
Leave overnight or half the night. Changing it over once is good. Can do every 2-3 nights.
You can start this practice called yoni pichu at 37 weeks pregnant.

Can also do matra basti (small nourishing oil enema) with Special Phala Yoni Ghee.


Pregnancy Ghee (Sukha Prasava Ghritam)

Literally meaning  "Easy to Deliver Ghee", this medicated ghee helps prepare the body for birth and to quicken the delivery and make it smoother.

Dose: 2tsp 2x/day before meals or with hot milk. 

Also, massage on belly in clockwise motion during labour for easier delivery.

Buy here

Small Nourishing Enemas "Matra Basti"

Matra Bastis can be given every second day for women that are healthy.

25ml before sleep and retain to absorb. This is to reduce the vata, strengthen the system and nourish the foetus with another lubricating fluid that is medicated.
*Only quality matra basti oil should only be used such as Vital Veda's/Raju's Special Matra Basti Oil or Deva 21 Oilor Special Phala Ghee.

How to bring on labour (if not coming)

  • Abdominal massage - Using a medicated ghee called “Sukha Prasava Ghritam or normal ghee or coconut oil (inferior), apply the ghee on the stomach and massage slowly and lightly in a clockwise direction downward towards the vagina.
  • Ensure you are taking Sukha Prasava Ghritam (“easy to deliver ghee”).
  • Eggplant parmigiana has been reported to bring on labour effectively for many woman.
  • Eat more cumin and leafy vegetables.


Postpartum, after the baby has exited the womb, is perhaps the most important time to implement Ayurvedic interventions and practices to rejuvenate mum and ensure proper nutrient and immune accumulation for the baby.

See my Ayurvedic Post Natal Care Plan Here

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Recommended Listening


  • The Raju family
  • Foetal development - Paippalada’s GARBHOPANISHAD, A brief treatise on emberyo and fetus, translated by Dr. Durga Prasad Dash

108 Names of Dhanvantri (Astotram)

illustration of dhanvantari (also known by 108 other names)

Dhanvantri (also known by 108 other names) is the perfect health aspect in consciousness.

This Lord of Ayurveda is the physician to the Divine Beings (Devatas). He is the preserver of life allowing us to experience our spirit evolving through our well-being.

People invoke “Lord Dhanvantri consciousness” to receive nature's support and enliven perfect health.

The 108 names of Dhanvantri are divided between those that are more suitable for morning and evening chanting. These are especially good to chant (inwardly) or listen to pundits (Vedic persists) chant on Dhanvantri Jayanti (the anniversary of when Lord Dhanvantri emerged out of the ocean to give Ayurveda to the need of the time). This day occurs two days before Diwali, around Oct/Nov each year.

It's Not Necessarily Good to Know the Translation of all of Dhanvantari's 108 names

Translations are there for only some of the names because when my teacher was translating to me, he stopped his discourse and decided not to translate the rest.

He realised his translations did not justify the deep meaning of these names. Sanskrit is an imitation by the human voice of the primordial sounds of nature.

It is not just on the level meaning. It expresses that aspect of nature.

Therefore, my teacher preferred me not to know the attempted translations nor analyse them.

I will however, provide the translations I have for those intellectuals (like me), as I personally love sanskrit and (some) of it's meaning.

Dhanvantri Astotram (Morning)

Download Dhanvantari 's 108 names to chant/listen in the morning here

Dhanvantri Astotram (Night Time)

This astotram is more rare.

Start with:

  1. Om Namo Bhagavathe Vasudevaya
  2. Om Dhanvantharaye Amrutha kalsa hastaya
  3. Om Sarvamaya Vinashanaya Namaha
  4. Om Thrilokya nathaya Namaha
  5. Sri Maha Vishnave Namaha
  1. Dhanvantharaye Namaha
  2. aadhi devaya namaha
  3. sura asura vandhithaaya namaha
  4. vayastha-pakaaya namaha
  5. sarva-amaya dhwam-sakaya namaha
  6. bhayaa-pahaa-yei namaha
  7. mruthyunjayaaya namaha
  8. vividha aushadha daatre namaha
  9. sarveshwa raaya namaha
  10. shanka chakra dharaaya namaha
  11. amrutha kalasa hasthaaya namaha
  12. shalya thantra vishaaradaaya namah
  13. divvya aushadaa-taraya namaha
  14. karunam-rutha saagaraaya namaha
  15. sukhakara-aya namah
  16. Nayana shastra kriya kushalaaya namah
  17. dheeraaya namaha
  18. niroohaaya namaha
  19. shubhadhaaya namaha
  20. mahaadaya-alave namaha
  21. saango pa-anga veda vedyaya namaha
  22. bishak-tamaya namaha
  23. praanada-aya namaha
  24. vidhwathpa raaya namaha
  25. aathra trana para yanaaya namaha
  26.  ayurveda prachaarakaaya namaha
  27. Ashtangayoga nipunaaya namaha
  28. anuthamaya namaha
  29. Sarvagyyaaya namaha
  30. vrushnave namaha
  31. samanaadhika varjithayei namaha
  32. sarva praana suk-ruthe namaha
  33. sarva mangala karaaya namaha
  34. sarvartha-dhatre namaha
  35. mahaa medha vinne namaha
  36. amruthaa-ya namaha
  37. satya sandha-aya namaha
  38. aashritha jana vatsalaaya namaha
  39. Amrutha-Dassaye’ Namaha
  40. Amrutha Vapushe Namaha
  41. Purana Neleiyaya Namaha
  42. Pundarikakshaya Namaha
  43. Loka Dyakshaya Namaha
  44. Prana Jeevanaya Namaha
  45. Janma Mrutu Jeradhi Kaya Namaha
  46. Sadgati Pradaya Namaha
  47. Mahurt Sahaya Namaha
  48. Samasta Bhakta Sukha Datre Namaha
  49. Sahishnave Namaha
  50. Shudha-ya Namaha
  51. Namat-mane’ Namaha
  52. Vaidya Ratnaya Namaha - The gem of the Vaidyas
  53. Amrtyavei Namaha- Immortal
  54. Maha Guru-vei Namaha
  55. Amruta-amshod-bha-vayei Namaha
  56. Ksheema-Krutei Namaha
  57. Vamsha Vardhanaya - Salute to the one who improves our lineage.
  58. Veeta-Bhyaya Namaha
  59. Prana Prade’ Namaha
  60. Ksheera-bdhi Janmanei Namaha
  61. Chandra Saho Daraya Namaha
  62. Sarva Loka Wanditaya Namha
  63. Para Bramhanei Namaha
  64. Yagya Bhoga Dhare’ Namaha
  65. Punyei Shlokaya Namaha
  66. Pujya Padaya Namaha
  67. Sanatana Tamaya Namaha
  68. Swastitaya Namaha
  69. Dhirgayush-Karakaya Namaha
  70. Purana Purushota Maya Namaha
  71. Amara Prabhave’ Namaha
  72. Amrtaya Namaha
  73. Narayanaya Namaha
  74. Aushadhaya Namaha
  75. Sarvanoo-coolaya Namaha
  76. Shoka Nashanaya Namaha
  77. Lokha Bandhave Namaha
  78. Nana Rogarti Bhanjaraya Namaha
  79. Prajanam Jeeva Heitave Namaha
  80. Praja Rakshana Dikshitaya Namaha
  81. Shookla Vasanei Namaha
  82. Pooroosharta Pradaya Namaha
  83. Prashan-tat-mane Namaha
  84. Bhakta Sarvata Sadhakaya Namaha
  85. Boga Bhagya Pradatre Namaha
  86. Mahaish Waryaya Namaha
  87. Roga Shelya Hrdaya Namaha - Surgical treatment to the heart.
  88. Chatur Pujaya Namaha
  89. Navaratna Pujaya Namaha
  90. Nisseema Mahim-nei Namaha
  91. Govinda-Nam Pataye Namaha
  92. Tilo-dasaya Namaha
  93. Pranacharyaya Namaha
  94. Bhish-manye Namaha
  95.  Bhakti Gumyaya Namaha
  96.  Tejo Nidaye Namaha
  97.  Kala-kalaya Namaha
  98.  Paramarta Guruve Namaha
  99.  Jagadanaanda Karakaya Namaha
  100.  Adi Vaidyaya Namaha
  101.  Sri Ranga Neelayaya Namaha
  102.  Sarva Jana Sevitaya Namaha
  103.  Laksmi Pataye Namaha
  104.  Sarva Lohka Rakshakaya Namaha
  105.  Kaveri Snata Santush-taya Namaha
  106.  Sarva-Bheeshta Pradaya Namaha
  107.  Vibhoo Shidaye Namaha
  108.  Dhavantari Astotara Shata Namavali

Translation (Part)

1. - 5. Understand the Supreme Lord Vasudeva Meditate upon the Supreme physician May Lord Dhanvantri direct you

1. Om...I bow to Lord Dhanwantari
2. Om...I bow to God that controls mental distress
3. Om...I bow to the one whom gods and demons pray to
4. Om...I bow to the one who maintains youthfulness
5. Om...I bow to the one who helps endure disease & pain
6. Om...I bow to the one who helps destroy hear and pain
7. Om...I bow to the one who helps gain victory over death
8. Om...I bow to the one who gives various medicines
9. Om...I bow to the one who is the lord of all gods
10. Om...I bow to the one who bears the conch & the chakra
11. Om...I bow to the one who holds in his hands the pots of immortality.
12. Om...I bow to the one who knows practice of surgery.
13. Om...I bow to the one who has the divine medicine
14. Om...I bow to the one who is the ocean of compassionate nectar.
15. Om...I bow to the one who cause happiness
16 Om...I bow to the one who is skilled in the sacred texts
17. Om...I bow to the one who is self controlled
18. Om...I bow to the one who is undaunted
19. Om...I bow to the one who brings well-being to all
20. Om...I bow to the one who shows great mercy to all
21. Om...I bow to the one who bestows the knowledge of body & limbs
22. Om...I bow to the one who is the healer
23. Om...I bow to the one who is the life-giver
24. Om...I bow to the one who bestows education
25. Om...I bow to the one who gives the supreme path liberation- fire
26 Om...I bow to the one who propagates the knowlegde of life
27. Om...I bow to the one who is the expert in the eight limbed Yoga
28. Om...I bow to the one who has no better than him
29. Om...I bow to the one who knows everything
30. Om...I bow to the one who is power
31. Om...I bow to the one who increases balance through yogi breathing
32. Om...I bow to the one who is the best supporter of all the vital breath
33. Om...I bow to the one who bestows auspiciousness to all
34. Om...I bow to the one who is the eternal lord of all
35. Om...I bow to the one who is remarkable intelligent
36. Om...I bow to the one who bestows immortality
37. Om...I bow to the one who is always truthful
38. Om...I bow to the one who is affectionate to dependent people
39. Om...I bow to the one who is the immortal one
40. Om... to the Supreme Lord Vasudeva Dhanwantaraye
who holds in his hands the pot of immortality
who overcomes all diseases
the one who controls the three worlds
I bow to Sri Mahavishnu

Dhanvantri (Night) Astotram in Odia

dhanvantari's first 61 names written down by hand

Yagya – Communing with the Divine

Yagya, typically involving a fire ceremony but can also be something as simple as exercise or eating your meal, is the way in which we commune with nature’s intelligence to invoke an effect of greater purification, unity and love.

Yagya is like the cosmic mobile phone. It is the way in which we summon the divine.

We are communing. It is a communication procedure by which we are requesting an order.

Everything in nature revolves around the principle of reciprocity. When we make a request (with intent) through consciousness, we are trigging a spontaneous phenomena of reciprocity.

When we understand this principle and we incorporate agni (fire), agni becomes the transmuter, the purifier, but also the deliverer of the message of the intent. Agni metabolises intent into manifestation.

In Yagya, we offer that intent with things we hold precious to us such as ghee, sandalwood, turmeric, flowers and other various substances from the earth.

These things which we are offering to the fire hold a very sattvic (pure) quality that when transmuted from its gross physical dimension by agni into a spiritual essence, it is transmuted into a celestial substance (soma), which the devatas (spiritual beings) feed of. They feed of our sattvic soma.

This combination of intention, mantras (primordial sounds), fire, offerings and the flow of human awareness will be customised to target a very specific dimension in the more subtle realms of concioussness. Here the devatas bathe in the nectar of our attention and devotion.

This creates a bonding effect and a bridge between the subtle dimension and the gross dimension. We create a window for the light to come in, but we also send light in. It is a two way street, paved with bridges of unity.

What we are seeking to do is commune with each other. With everything – gross and subtle. The vedic world view is we wish to embody all dimensions in consciousness. Yagya is the technology by which we commune with the divine. Not just for the sake of communing with the divine, but to cause an effect…

What that effect is, is relevant to the type of Yagya and who we are “dialling”.

Medicinal Effects of Yagya

Reduces kapha and ama in the body through the smokes tikshna guna (sharp quality) and vayu (air) quality.. Especially good for the eyes as it removes cataracts (ama in the eyes).

this article is inspired by the teachings of Jonni Pollard 

photo: Natasha Mason

Ayurvedic Immunisation Over Vaccination For Babies

With the recent heat caused by Robert De Niro's controversial anti-vaccine documentary Vaxxed: From Cover-Up To Catastrophe being pulled out of the Tribeca Film Festival, interest and suspicion has stirred up in the pharmaceutical vaccine industry.

So in due course, I will share with you an Ayurvedic way of immunisation.

Vaccinations are a very sensitive topic. I will not blab on about the pharmaceutical industry, only briefly talk about some of the science associated with vaccinations.

What Is Actually In A Vaccination?

Take away the propaganda, take away the new age jargon - just look at the science. Lets look at some of the ingredients of most vaccines:

  • Formaldehyde (well known-carcinogenic)
  • Aluminium (extremely toxic, known neuro-toxin)
  • Thimerosal is a Mercury containing preservative
  • Anti-Biotics
  • Egg Protein – many vaccines are prepared using chicken eggs.
  • Monosodium glutamate (MSG)
  • other heavy metals, unknown elements, germs that were not intended to be there.

These are put into a baby who has a weak and vulnerable immune system. This is further dangerous because injections bypass portals of immune defence to penetrate deeper into the body.

If you were to take a bottle and fill it with these ingredients and give it to a baby to drink, you could be charged with murder.

Vaccines Are Not 100% Safe

Contrary to what the government would like us to believe, vaccines are not 100% safe.

For example, from 1989 to 2011, the pharmaceutical industry paid out $2.3 billion a year for vaccine injuries.(1) In 2011, the Supreme Court of USA passed a law protecting pharmaceutical companies from all liability related to vaccine injuries, even if the vaccine could have somehow been made safer.(1)

In one study, published in the Journal of American Medicine (JAMA) in 2004, the influenza vaccine was linked to a life-threatening condition called Guillain-Barré syndrome.

The Hepatitis B vaccine – which is given to newborns within 12 hours of birth – has been linked to liver cell destruction and accelerated cell death.

While government bodies and medical associations insist this is necessary, Hepatitis B is only spread by blood or intimate contact with body fluids from someone infected, and mothers are always screened during pregnancy.

"We have just witnessed yet another example of the power of corporate interests censoring free speech, art, and truth." 
Vaxxed filmmakers on behalf of Robert De Niro.

Taking these isolated studies and claiming that vaccinations are completely unsafe is also way out of context when considering the benefits and immunity they provide to millions of people worldwide.

I’m not against the principle of vaccinations, just make sure they give clean vaccinations! I’m against uninformed decisions.

My Suggestions If You Are Going to Vaccinate

Reduce or Spread Out Doses For New Borns

The high amount of vaccinations starting as early as six months old up to six years old may be way too overwhelming for the immune system.

Remove Potential Toxins from Vaccines

Perhaps the most dangerous outcome of the Supreme Courts ruling to hold harmless the pharmaceutical industry from vaccine-related injury is the subsequent lack of motivation to improve the vaccines and use more natural ingredients.

Ask your pediatrician to order vaccines without mercury or other toxic substances commonly found in vaccines. More of these are coming onto the market. Europe took mercury out of the vaccines, the UN is advocating to have it out, Australia has removed it for under 5 year-olds, USA still has it.

Additionally or as a Replacement, Administer Ayurvedic Immunisation

The Ayurvedic immunisation I am about to reveal to you is important to boost your baby's immunity if they are being vaccinated. This will (to some extent) protect your baby from the dangers of vaccines.

However, this Ayurvedic immunity booster for babies and children plus proper diet and lifestyle regimen will boost the child's immunity so adequately that there is very little to no need for vaccinations at all.

Ayurvedic Immunisations

Pusya Drops

Ayurvedic Immunisation 

This Ayurvedic immunity booster also helps build the tissues of babies and children. A precious and potent formula of rare herbs. Can be given until the child’s teenage years. Please consult an Ayurvedic practitioner who knows about this knowledge.

Administering Ritual

The father or mother is to give this to the newborn as soon as possible (but no hurry) after the baby has come out of the womb. Then continue the rest of the essential practices for the infant such as:

  • Bathing (if you didn't already bathe the infant before administering the tonic).
  • Breastfeed within the first hour (max. four hours) after exiting the womb.
  • Oil massage - All over the baby's body. Ideally using medicated Ayurvedic oils like our Ayurvedic Baby Massage oil. Cold-pressed coconut oil is also fine.
  • Whisper Baby Mantra - A primordial sound you whisper to the baby to immediately resonate and calm their physiology. This communicates to the baby "don't worry, you've arrived into a Vedic family, you will be enlightened, we will give you knowledge for enlightenment. You will once again unify with totality. Relax, you can be a baby now."  - contact your local Vedic Meditation teacher to receive and be taught about the Baby Mantra.
  • Wrap Baby in silk or muslin cloth completely, especially ears. Only expose eyes and nose.

Full Post-Natal Care Regimen HERE

How Often To Administer Ayurvedic Immunisation

1-3x as soon as possible after the baby exits the womb. Even within 12-14 hours after birth is also beneficial.

After that, it can be given to the baby once a month on the Pushya Nakshatra (an astrological constellation occurring about once a month). If you administer an Ayurvedic tonic once a month for up to 12 years old this provides a powerful immunisation for life.  These herbs can even be given until the child is a teenager.

Even if you missed out on the first dose right after birth, you can even start at the age of a toddler.

These herbs are for your baby using the finest and precious ingredients and preparation method.

Have you ever tried any Ayurvedic immunity booster for your babies or children? Comment 👇

This information is not intended to supplement any treatment plan for babies, children or anyone.  This information is solely for educational purposes about traditional Ayurvedic medicine.

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