The Sun as a Divine Healer for Optimal Health | Dylan Smith and Laura Poole #010

Throughout evolution, exposure to sunlight and the photosynthesis of vitamin D has been critically important for the evolution of land vertebrates. But all of a sudden in the past few decades, we have been burying the Sun from our lives while simultaneously increasing our exposure to artificial light. Could this be a foundational mistake for our health? Has the status quo's fear of the sun been blown out of proportion? 

Circadian medicine won the most recent Nobel Peace Prize saying that a resolution towards chronic disease is to live in-tune with our natural circadian rhythms. Simply, 'go back to nature' is now the prescription for healing. Dylan and Laura will share how to work with the Sun to optimise your health and immune system, so you can re-establish this important and foundational human-Sun relationship.

This recording is from a talk where Laura interviewed Dylan in Melbourne in September 2018.

About Laura Poole

Laura Poole is a Vedic meditation teacher, speaker, writer and community builder. She has trained intensively over the past decade with great masters in Australia, India and the United States. Based in Melbourne, Laura shares the wisdom of Vedic meditation, Vedanta and Ayurveda, making it relevant for living in today’s world. She is a truly dedicated leader and entrepreneur in the Melbourne meditation space, inspiring people to take care of their mental and physical health while encouraging them to make a real difference in the world.

Laura is the founder of Mahasoma - a movement that is creating a new cultural narrative through the embodiment of wisdom and practice. She was also an original co-founder/co-creator of 1 Giant Mind Australia and its free 'Learn to Meditate' app.

In this Episode we Discuss:

How Dylan became fascinated and in love with the sun.

Forming a relationship with the sun.

  • Like any sentient being, we are in a reciprocal relationship. We need to reciprocally give our attention and energy in order to obtain the benefits that the sun offers.
  • Practices to form a relationship with the sun for a mutual exchange of attention, awareness and admiration.
  • Surya Namaskar: Sun Salutation, a devotional practice to Surya (sun).

Circadian Medicine - What the latest Nobel prize was won for. Circadian Rhythms: living in tune with natures cycles and your own biological cycles. This is Ayurveda 101. This had the Ayurvedic community laughing but also provided well over-due relief. The Nobel prize was won for such fundamental natural law (Veda) because the prescription for healing the epidemic of chronic disease is to live in tune with nature.

The Vedic worldview.

The sun as a sentient being and one of the supreme forms of nature.

The Personality of the Sun:

  • Very consistent: always on time, unconditionally showing up.
  • Fiery, Heat
  • Energy
  • Power
  • Generous - Gives life unconditionally to everyone.
  • Central - everything is moving around it.
  • Illuminating - allows us to see. Gives us the capability to illuminate ideas within our own mind.

The Lighting Crisis: Burying the sun from our lives and replacing this with artificial blue light.

The sun providing the body with energy by generating DC electric current and activating mitochondria function.

Receiving an Altered Spectrum of Light

The problem with sunscreen, windows and glasses - you are blocking particular spectrums of light, so the light hitting you is an altered spectrum of light that is not holistic and causes damage.

The eyes as a seat of pitta (fire/metaboliser).

The importance of melatonin: “The king of hormones.”

Our Mistaken Fear of the Sun

Especially in Australia. Breaking free of social conditioning, questioning science and thinking clinically.

Why the Sun Rarely Causes Skin Cancer

Dermatologists can’t explain the growth in melanoma because while melanoma is increasing, our exposure to the sun is reducing. 

The difference between morning and evening light spectrums.

Under Active Thyroid - A common problem. Thyroid hormones are created by the pituitary gland which is turned on by light.

The Vital Time for Sleep: 10pm-2am

Absorbing micro-nutrients from food, regulating hormones.

The Influence of LED Lights (Screens, Lights) and Light Temperatures on our Hormones

Hacking our Computer and Phone Screens to Reduce Light Temperature for Hormonal Health

  • Phone: Change your light temperature on your phone setting to “most warm” and have it one 24/7. 
  • Computer: Iris software as a shield for your computer screen.

The Epidemic of Eye Diseases: Pre mature-blindness, macular degeneration, dry eyes.

Practices to mitigate these issues.

Nasya (Nasal Drops) - Medicated Oil to sniff up into the brain to lubricate the whole head, neck and throat.  Detoxifies and rejuvenates the pineal gland. Learn more.

Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Detoxifying Fluoride and Excess Calcium from the Pineal Gland


Structured Water

Re-structure your drinking and bathing water back towards water’s natural molecular state for proper hydration and detoxification functions.

Building Biology 

Recognising not just the biology of your skin, but the outer skin of what we live and spend time in (buildings and environments).

Skin Physiology and why blind people still have light and dark cycles. 

Melanopsin and photoreceptors in our skin that sense light without seeing, that metabolise light, circadian rhythms and that initiate melatonin production.

Self-Abhyanga (Self-Ayurvedic Massage)

  • An essential practice of anointing your body with oil and giving massage.
  • Benefits: Pacifies nervous system, move the lymph, enhances blood circulation, improves skin physiology, feeding skin micro-biology and more.
  • Download your free self-abhyanga poster here.

The Second Brain: The Gut

The enteric nervous system. Relax your belly, allow it to be soft.

The Third Brain: The Skin

A highly complex structure. 

The sense of Touch (Sparsha Indriya)

Vitamin D

  • 85% of the world is deficient in Vitamin D.
  • Why Oral Vitamin D is not as adequate of the sun.

The Importance of Preventive of Medicine

Due to the epidemic of chronic disease.

Heliotherapy (Sun Therapy) and UV Light Therapy

How to Safely Protect your Self From Excess Sun 

How to Implement Sun in Your Life

Building sun exposure and tolerance.

Pink Skin from the Sun is Good

Dermal pooling - red blood cells coming to the surface to absorb UV for prana (life-force) and energy.

Red Skin and Burning from the Sun is Not Good

What to do If you live in a dark country

Grounding to the earth's current.

Photo-Electric Effect - Light is stored in water and in food.

Sun Gazing

Jet Lag Remedy

Go in the sun, then eat the natural foods.


Full Moon Energy

Excess blue light triggers activity from “Lunatics” and causes higher crime rates during full moon.

The Power of Afternoon/Evening Sun

Vedic Meditation as one of the most evolutionary things one can do for their health.

Tongue Scraping for removing toxins.

Convenience Overriding Health

Relationships - We in relationships with everything in life, but what type of relationship is this.


Mahasoma - Creating a new cultural narrative.

Further podcasts and reading about the sun - any podcast that interviews Dr Jack Kruse.

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Quantum Healing, Fertility & Marma Therapy | Royal Physician Dr. Doja Purkit #009

Quantum healing: The deeper reality of mind-body medicine and the influence of consciousness on our biology. Learn how to enliven this place within us for profound and even miraculous healings.

How to create comfort for your body so that it can heal itself.

Infertility: An epidemic that can certainly be conquered (simply).

Join Royal Physician Dr. Doja Purkit as he shares many simple and practical techniques that you can easily integrate into your life.

About Dr. Doja Purkit

Doja Purkit is a leading expert in the field of Ayurvedic medicine and alternative medicine.

He is a consultant and head of the Ayurvedic department at the London Hale Clinic, a world-renowned clinic for alternative and complementary medicine. 

Doja's intimate and basic approach to individualised and personalised treatments make him a saviour for royalty, rock stars and celebrities that live harsh lifestyles.

Dr. Doja Purkit qualified and trained in India, Hong Kong and England. He has been practising Ayurvedic medicine, Marma Treatment, Acupuncture, Homoeopathy and preventive rejuvenation health care for the past 26 years.

He conducted research into stroke rehabilitation with the Hammersmith Hospital.

He founded The Vital Life: a company that produces pure, natural and handmade health, beauty and wellbeing products.

Doja believes that health belongs to you and is your birthright. That knowledge, wisdom and a sense of realisation of oneself are vital for good health and longevity.

In this Episode we Discuss:

Creating comfort for the human body to heal itself.

Doja’s 3 Influential Factors for Healing Any Problem:

  1. Peace of Mind
  2. Good circulation - abhyanga, exercise
  3. Healthy detoxification mechanisms - diet.

Doja' intimate approach to individualised healing

Personally treating each patient including all body treatments. Maximising Soma (flow of consciousness).

Absorbing the karma and disease from patients. The karma has to go somewhere.

  • Animals are fantastic at absorbing negative death energy.
  • The Vaidya (physician) having a big stomach like a Buddha to absorb the negative energy.

Simple Healing Technique for after a Divorce 

Nourishing food.

Basic healing to access the quantum level of healing.

Then you can heal any level of disease in anyone.


The epidemic of Infertility.

Causes of Infertility (female):

  • Unclean ovaries.
  • Uncomfortable body.
  • Impatience.
  • Woman’s overdrive and over zealousness increasing masculine hormones and reducing female hormones.

Symptoms of Female Infertility:

  • Irregular menstruation
  • Overweight
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Loss of hair
  • Excessive facial hair - related to PCOS. 
  • Emotional issues
  • Immune system dysfunction
  • Endometriosis
  • Obesity
  • Pelvic inflammation
  • Excessive toxins - If you are doubting your actions in life, your probably have excess toxins.

Infertility Treatment:

  • Make comfortable and ensure Doja’s 3 Influential Factors for Healing. 
  • Cleanse ovaries (females) and prostate (man) through herbs, and breathing exercises (pranayama).
  • Aloes Compound by Alarsin - 2 tabs 2-3x/day from the first day of cycle till 14 days.
  • Practice patience - the female should do be in silence and do nothing after dinner for one hour for 40 days. This was a method that Gandhi and Nelson Mandela practised and helped them succeed. Doja has seen success with this in his patients.
  • Frog pose (yoga asana) - 10 breaths 3x/day. Improves survival energy. 
  • Marma behind ankle for ovulation - massage.
  • Humming bee noise. - 10x. Good to deal with emotions.
  • Boost lymphatic system with self-abhyanga.
  • Turmeric to reduce inflammation including pelvic inflammation.
  • Alternating between hot (40 degrees max) and cold (room temperature, 20 degrees) bath - stimulate circulation and prana to reproductive organs with contraction and friction.
  • Spray Rosewater on ovaries and abdomen to moisturise. (Use pure rose water).
  • Read pregnancy magazines, books, photos and be around babies and children. 

Most Important Tips for Infertility:

  • 1 hour Silence and rest after dinner.
  • Don’t sleep during day-time.
  • Before going to bed, wash face, hands and feet. - take away most of the bodies dead cells. Create freshness for the mind to communicate more effectively with the uterus.

At Home Detox Procedure

Mono-food diet for 5 days. Same breakfast meal for 5 days, same lunch meal for 5 days and the same dinner for 5 days.

Treatment for Polycystic Ovaries

Conium (Homeopathic tablet) - 2 tabs 2x/day for 60 days. 

Why Females Live Longer Than Males
Because they wash their hands and feet.

Consider infections like UTIs as an obstacle for infertility.
Bangshil Tablets (by Alarsin pharmacy), 2 tabs 2x/day before meals for 10 days.

Panchakarma - Ayurvedic detox and rejuvenation program

Liver - The commander of the body. Cleanse the liver for fertility.

Shirodhara - An Ayurvedic treatment to produce peace in the mind.

Diet for Fertility:

  • Pumpkin, soup.
  • Fresh green vegetables.
  • Fish (avoid fish high in mercury).
  • Yoghurt (during day-time only).
  • Almond milk and goats milk (boiled).
  • Avoid -  fried food, spinach, chocolate.

Marma Therapy

  • Places in the physiology where highest consciousness is located.
  • Pulse diagnosis to detect blocked marmas.
  • The dangers and sensitivity of marma therapy.
  • Abhyanga (oil massage) to moisturise, activate and give comfort to the marmas.
  • Balance and comfort them. Open and unblock marmas where consciousness does not flow.
  • Marma takes a minimum of 7 years learning.

Knuckle Marma Points to Remove Memories of Disease and Fever

Dr. Doja Purkit demonstrates how to do Marma massage on the knuckles and hands to remove deep-seated memories that are obstacles to good health.
After removing these memories, whether they are traumas, deep-seated emotions or physiological habits, the quantum healing will enliven and this can heal anything.

This marma massage is also effective during fever.

Instructions - Do for 10 minutes (5 minutes each hand) during fever. (see video).

Here Dr. Doja is using his special tool (which you can hear about on the podcast episode with him).

Third Eye (Ajna) Marma Massage for Stress

Dr. Doja Purkit demonstrates how to massage your third eye (Ajna marma point/chakra) to release stress.

- Use the middle finger of your right hand.
- It is recommended to do this practice in private.
- It is good if you apply some massage oil then do this.
(see video demonstration).

Doja’s Special Healing Stones

  • Dojas special stones from Himalayan masters that he uses as a medical instrument.
  • To remove the memory of disease and enliven quantum level of consciousness.
  • The power of subtle healing.
  • Doja occasionally prescribes these stones for patients to swallow in special cases.
  • They unify energy - unify positive and negative energy, thus helps in addictions.
  • Stones are what solidified the planet.

Foot massage for bliss.

Daily foot massage to promote bliss (quantum level) to ultimately eradicate all disease.

Why Famous People Die Early

Because they live extreme life and live out of tune with nature. Excess blue light, not sleeping at proper times etc.

Stroke Rehabilitation

Doja’s research at Hammersmith hospital showed a 90-95% success result, mainly through marma massage.
Re-enlivening the mind-body communication pathways.


see above.

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Please seek advice from a qualified practitioner before starting any new health practice.

Recount: Filipino Psychic Surgery

psychic surgery healing

Personal recount by Conan Mischer, May 18 2012

Many years ago I visited a famous "Filipino Psychic Surgeon" in Seattle (Alex Orbito). I remember feeling noticeably better after the visit than I did before. On my way back from this latest trip to India, I decided to stop and visit some of these "healers." I didn't have any serious problems, but I had the feeling they might be able to help relieve some of the various aches, pains and stiff areas in my body. Besides, it was "on the way home" since I was going to fly over the Pacific.

There is one website with a lot of good information on psychic surgery healing, which I used as my main guide:

The first healer I visited was Esther Bravo in Urdaneta, Pangasinan (~5 hrs north of Manila by bus). I asked one of the "Tricycle" drivers in Urdaneta to take me to her chapel one afternoon.  (A "Tricycle," as they are called, is a motorcycle with a sidecar; it is the Filipino version of the Indian "auto-rickshaw") When I arrived at her small, modest chapel, no one was there, so I went back to my hotel. But when I arrived back at my hotel, I ran into a group of Russians. They didn't speak any English, but they managed to communicate to me that they were on their way to see Esther and invited me to cram myself into the motorcycle sidecar and come along, which I did. (I later found out there were also people visiting her from Italy and Estonia, and nearby Philippine villages, and they would all show up at her chapel at 9am every morning. Sometimes she would also tell people to come in the afternoon.)

Esther is a fairly young, short, attractive Filipino lady who speaks in an annoyingly high-pitched voice. But when she begins to channel the holy spirit, her voice drops about an octave and she speaks with confidence and authority.

As with all of the healers I visited, there is not much importance given to privacy at Esther's chapel. People who come and lie before her are half-clad in front of everyone.

She will listen to people's health concerns and give them some attention, but mostly she likes to be guided by her own diagnosis techniques to work in the areas where she feels she can be most helpful. The same is true for all three of the healers I visited. Also, her main style of diagnosis is similar to that of the other two healers I saw: She holds up a white sheet of paper in front of your body and apparently looks at the subtle energy impressions made on the paper from your body. (The other two healers I visited use a white cloth sheet instead of paper.)

Before she begins to operate on people, she give each person a "spiritual injection" in order to prepare them for the operation. This technique is unique to Esther. The way the injection works is that she has a helper hold a Bible open to John 17, then she "sucks up" the energy from the Bible in an imaginary syringe and injects it into people in various locations of their bodies. When she injected me with the healing spirit, I felt it quite clearly and was immediately convinced she was genuine.

After the injections, she starts rubbing different areas of people's bodies, depending where they need attention. As she rubs, some blood starts to flow and eventually some objects are pulled from the bodies that look like they don't belong there. (She doesn't allow cameras, so I don't have pictures.) I saw her pull many strange things from people, including myself. One girl who was there from Estonia told me she saw Esther pull some organ out of someone's body, clean it, and then replace it!) But what most impressed me about Esther was how I felt after each operation, I felt lighter, clearer and more flexible, and I noticed in my subsequent meditations that something had shifted/opened in me energetically. In fact, I was so pleased with the experiences I was having with Esther that I decided to stay with her in Urdaneta for my entire time in the Philippines. But then one day I got word that she would be gone for a few days and so I decided I would take advantage of the opportunity to visit some of the other healers.

Note: I found out later from a French-Canadian man that there is another healer in Urdaneta named, "Aurelia Guttierez," whom he feels is even better than Esther. Most of the tricycle drivers in Urdaneta know where both Esther Bravo and Aurelia Guttierez live, so you just have to hop in a tricycle and say their name.

So, with Esther gone, I took a bus from Urdaneta to Bagio, a refreshingly cool city in the mountains about 2 hrs from Urdaneta.

My first morning in Bagio, I went to see Jun Labo. When I met him, he shook my hand invited me into to his living room. I was quite surprised to find out later that he is 77 years old, since he looks radiant, with very clear eyes. He asked me about my health concerns, but explained to me that he had already finished his work for the day and it would be better if I came back the next day at 9:30am, along with the others who would be arriving then.

My experiences with Jun Labo made it clear to me that he is in a completely different league than Esther. The sheer size of the objects I saw Jun pulling out of people, including myself, impressed me greatly. The amount of blood that flowed was also much, much more. Watching him work, or even watching videos of his work is not for the squeamish!

Jun charges 6000 Pesos per operation (about $120), which is a lot by Filipino standards. But after just one visit, I decided to schedule the recommended 10 days of healing sessions.

He starts out each day with a church service, which he conducts in the chapel next to his living room, and he expects everyone who is going to receive healing that day to attend the service at 9:45am. In the service, he asks for blessings and support from Jesus Christ and gives the credit for his healing work to Christ. All the Filipino healers work with the healing energy of Christ, as far as I know. (The culture of The Philippines is strongly Catholic.)

Jun seemed to know intuitively exactly where I had pains, stiffness, Etc. I had beed told years before by someone who sees energies that I had a block in the lower part of my chest and he went right to work on that area, without me telling him about it. He pulled out some nasty looking things from there, which you can see on the YouTube videos below. I also saw him pull some huge (baseball-sized) objects out of a large Japanese man, and similarly large objects from a French-Canadian lady. (Note: I'll be getting a video of the latter, which I can email to those who ask. Unfortunately I don't have it at present, and I know for a fact the lady in the video does NOT want me to post it to YouTube.)

Among other things, he also worked on opening my third-eye chakra. He doesn't do this for everyone, but he does it when he feels it's appropriate.

One time Jun removed a huge amount of mucus from my upper chest and throat area, which convinced me to reduce dairy intake when he showed it to me. 🙂

There are also a picture on the wall in the waiting room in which it shows where Jun has pulled some lady's eyeball out of its socket and is holding it with one hand about an inch away from her face while he cleans behind it with a finger of the other hand. Just bizarre stuff, and again, not for the squeamish.

Jun is very famous in the Philippines and abroad. He was the personal healer for former Philippines President Marcos and his wife, Amelda Marcos. He has also been flown all over the world to work on people such as former Libyan Leader Gadafi. Burt Lancaster once made a movie about Jun Labo as well, for which Jun was flown to a hospital in Wisconsin where he was "tested" by a team of medical doctors. After the tests, all the doctors agreed that his work was genuine and he really was pulling out things out from people's bodies, and it was real human blood that was flowing, with DNA that matched the patient's DNA. About two weeks after the doctors had all agreed on this, they all reversed their positions 180 degrees. Hmmm... I wonder if the American Medical Association or some large pharmaceutical representative had a talk with the doctors after Jun left and convinced them to reverse their findings...?

As I did after my visits to Esther, I felt lighter, cleaner, calmer, and more flexible after each visit to see Jun. It was clear that something significant was shifting and I still feel the effects weeks later.

After each morning of operating on people, Jun would invite everyone upstarts to his living room, serve them fresh mint tea, and smoke a cigarette while chatting with us. 🙂 (He is clear that smoking and/or eating meat is not right for everyone, but he says they are ok for some people.)

After 10 days of seeing Jun, I felt pretty good, but I still had 2 days left before my flight, so I went to see one more healer in Bagio: William Nonog. I only had a chance to see him two times, but I definitely got the impression he is just as genuine and just as good as the others. I also saw him pull some pretty large things out of my French-Canadian friend, Andre. As with the others, I felt a positive shift after each visit to see William. William also works on opening the third-eye chakra and integrating it with other chakras. Note: If you're going to see William, you should arrive at 9am on Tue. and/or Fri. at his house (The address is in the document referenced by the link above). Those are the two days he operates. If you want to contact him to make sure he will be there, here's some up-to-date contact info: Cell: 0063-9166-151558. email:

Note: These healers are NOT enlightened masters; they are gifted souls who serve as technicians to help people clean out the accumulated toxins/growths/tumors/internal scar tissues/Etc from the body. This cleaning of the physical body may seem to help shift the thought patterns of the one being cleaned, but I prefer to think of the cause-effect relationship in the reverse order: These "psychic surgeons" are merely a mechanism through which a new, "cleaner" pattern of thought can be expressed in terms of a "cleaner" body. People (like my grandparents, for example) who have gone to see the Filipino psychic surgeons without any intention of changing their patterns of thought or behaviour, usually report some temporary relief, followed by a recurrence of the disease.

Below are some video links. I have more videos I can post if there is interest. Did I mention these videos are not for the squeamish?


(That is Conan on the treatment table!!).

Note: There are other videos of Jun Labo on YouTube if you search for him. Some people think he's fake. I don't, but maybe that's just because I want to believe it's genuine. I will admit that the "placebo" effect is very powerful. "Belief is powerful indeed." If he succeeded in making me believe I am healed, then I am healed.

Conan Mischer, May 18 2012

Related Listening

Listen to the Vital Veda Podcast where Dylan Smith interviews Conan Mischer about his diverse spiritual journey.

True Exercise and Real Modern Yoga | Simon Borg-Olivier #002

What are the true purpose and aims of exercise?

What does exercise actually mean?

How do you most effectively reap the benefits of exercise without potentially damaging your physiology?

Is the exercise activity or yoga class that you are attending to actually benefiting your health or is it doing more damage than good?

In this podcast, we investigate the mechanisms of “Hatha Yoga” - the physical aspect of yoga, including the asanas (postures) and pranayama (breath work) as well as exercise and movement in general

Simon reveals basic misunderstanding and misconceptions people have about modern Yoga and exercise based science. He shares correlations between types of movement with the state of your nervous system.

Simon and reveals tips to revolutionise your exercise and yoga practice for maximum vitality, energy and prana (life-force to every cell in your body).


Simon Borg-Olivier MSc BAppSc (Physiotherapy) APAM C-IAYT has been practicing yoga for 50 years and teaching for 35 years. He has also been a registered physiotherapist for 20 years. Simon is co-director of YogaSynergy, a research scientist and a University lecturer. He has been regularly invited to teach lifestyle, posture, movement and breathing at conferences and festivals internationally since 1990.

In this Episode we Discuss:

  • Simon’s background, teachers and gurus. (3:55)
  • Yoga: The art of learning how not to breathe. (4:46)
  • Basic misunderstanding and misconceptions people have about modern Yoga and exercise based science (10:05)
  • The myth of “No Pain No Gain” (13:48)
  • Excessive exercise preventing weight loss due to excessive sympathetic nervous system activation. (14:05)
  • Nasal breathing vs. mouth breathing. (14:35)
  • Excessive sympathetic nervous system (Flight or Fight) activation. (16:28)
  • Hyperventilation: Wim Hof method, Shamanic healings, Sound healings. (18:13)
  • The Wim Hof Method - an advanced yogic technique that people are missing the essence of.
  • Why Simon had to apologise to those he taught Yoga to 20-30 years ago. (27:53)
  • Health risks of high impact sport and intense cardio (30:41)
  • The real meaning of “cardio” - Good cardiovascular work - improving function of blood vessels, rather than the heart taking all the strain. (31:30)
  • The general global purpose of yoga and physiological purpose of yoga. (33:21)
  • Adapting traditional yoga teachings for the modern western body. (36:21)
  • The danger of headstands for westerners, but natural for traditional Asians. (38:30).
  • Simons current guru: Master Zhen Hua Yang - Shaolin monk, martial arts expert and energy master. (39:37)
  • Simple practices to revolutionise your body to become more “natural” during practice: (42:07)
  • Simple practices to incorporate in your day-to-day life: (48:47)
    1. Active movement.
    2. Move from your core.
    3. Breath naturally.
    4. Move in a fluid way with 3D space.
  • Simon’s philosophy of life: (52:05)
  1. Enjoy life - it’s a choice.
  2. Look after our bodies.
  3. Help other people enjoy life.


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Please seek advice from a qualified practitioner before starting any new health practice.

Pulse Diagnosis: Ayurveda’s Most Profound Diagnostic Tool

Pulse diagnosis in Ayurveda

Pulse diagnosis, a healing art and science, is a most refined, accurate and comprehensive diagnostic tool employed in Ayurveda to figure out where any imbalance exists in the body, and what the nature of the imbalance is.

In Ayurveda there are 8 diagnostic or examination methods (Ashta Sthana Pariksha):

  1. Nadi Pariksha (Pulse Examination)
  2. Mutra Pariksha (Examination of Urine)
  3. Mala Pariksha (Stool Examination)
  4. Jihwa Pariksha (Tongue Examination)
  5. Shabda Pariksha (Voice Examination)
  6. Sparsha Pariksha (Touch Examination)
  7. Drik Pariksha (Eye Examination)
  8. Akrti Pariksha (Physical Appearance Examination)

Pulse Is Superior

Pulse is #1 because, through the channel (nadi) of the radial pulse, a physician (who has the knowledge and capability) can simply and quickly gain an insight into what is going on in the body and mind on a level deeper than any other examination method.

The pulse can access the deepest and subtlest aspects in the body and mind, including fathomless root causes of disease. It intervenes very early in the disease process, whereas other examination methods are more delayed.

For example, urine and faeces examination are the next two methods after pulse which provide the deepest insights. They are high up the list for detecting disease early because they are the first wastes of the body.

With the pulse however, you don’t need to wait for the waste product to come. You can tap into the earlier four stages of disease before symptoms or waste products manifest.

This is not only useful for prevention but also is valuable for those with niggling health issues or that are poorly responding to treatments.

This, of course, is only possible by a pulse physician who holds mastery in this area. Other physicians may have more experience or mastery with other diagnostic methods and don’t utilise the pulse at all.

Vast Holistic Knowledge

They say it takes within 2-4 minutes for the blood to circulate to every cell all over the body.
The pulse gives information on what is happening physically.

Your pulse is your heart and your heart is your feelings. When the heart beats, it gives information about the emotional blocks, traumas as well areas in life where people thrive.

The heart is the faculty of thought, actions and desires. It is closely connected to one’s mental state.

The heart is the source of Ojas - the physical expression of consciousness. It connects us to the Absolute infinite source of Being that underlies everything. This is why the heart is known as the ”spiritual organ” in many traditions. When you take your pulse you are taking information about the physical connection between your blood and the underlying consciousness state.

Illustration of nature elements sprouting from a human being

Pulse as Therapy

”After completing the Nadi pariksha, if the physician washes his hands, diseases disappears from the patient like mud washes away from cleaning with water.”
Yogaratnakara, vol. 1 verse 43.

When you connect your body with the underlying state of Pure Consciousness (where perfect health is) through pulse, it heals the physiology. There is even a highly advanced therapy called “Vedic Vibration Pulse Therapy” which my teachers father, Father B.A. Raju was a well known master in.

The Subtle Power of Touch: Sparsha

The epidermis (superficial layer of skin) is closely connected to the nervous system. It contains epidermal keratinocytes (skin cells) that are highly specialised epithelial cells designed to precisely interact with the environment. These cells can feel all the senses. They enable the skin to feel fragrance, light and sound. Similarly, a tail of sperm goes crazy and moves towards a flower.

Continuous practice of pulse promotes one to develop super subtle sensory perception, which essentially enhances ones overall approach to healing, whether it be on yourself (self-pulse) or communicating with a patient and treating a patient (pulse is the pre-requisite to learning marma therapy and special massages as it superbly refines the sense of touch).

“Sparsha (The sense of touch) alone pervades all the senses. It is permanently associated with the mind.”
Caraka Samhita, S.S. Ch. 11,(38).

There Are Many Methods of Pulse Diagnosis

Pulse diagnosis has not only been utilised in India, but also China, Persia, Greece, Egypt and various medical traditions all over the world.

Furthermore, within Ayurveda there are many different methods of carrying out a pulse diagnosis.

The good news is, the Pulse Diagnosis method I utilise and teach, which my teachers teach, and which their disciples* across the world teach, is one of the easiest and mosteffective methods out there which is objective and logical.

Why the Radial Pulse

There are many pulses in the body in addition to the radial pulse (wrist) such as the neck (carotid artery), groin (femoral artery), behind the knee (popliteal artery), near the ankle joint (posterior tibial artery) and on the foot (dorsalis pedis artery).

Why do we use the radial pulse and not the heart? If you put your ear on the speaker, sound isn't good. Better get some distance. Furthermore, the radial pulse is known as “kuma nadi” - the artery giving knowledge.

Sustainable Form of Diagnosis

Blood tests, urine samples, x-rays, MRIs, etc. are polluting the earth and use a lot of energy. Pulse you don't even need electricity. In Ayurveda we use Pulse Diagnosis because it is correlated with natural law and therefore we avoid putting any poison in the environment; it’s more than biodegradable.

Pulse Consultation at Vital Veda Clinic

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Self-Pulse Technique

Taking the pulse is a powerful self-referral awareness technique ~ an open window to what is happening in the physiology.

Learn how to take your own pulse here.

In traditional families of Vaidyas (Ayurvedic physicians), the children start learning at a very young age.

In this photo, Vaidya J.R. Raju teaches his grandchildren pulse diagnosis.

Art depicting Ojas: Alpha Channeling.

Banana Purification Treatment by The Raju Family

A Banana Leaf used in the treatment

Powerful method for promoting perfect health

The "Raju Banana Purification” is a powerful therapy that cleanses the entire physiology and restores gynaecological health.

It is ideally taken by women whilst on their menstrual cycle, but is also effective for women who will not be menstruating at the time of visits, to balance hormones, enhance fertility and to profoundly purify and detoxify the physiology.

What is Raju Banana Purification

Banana Purification is mostly done during a woman's menstrual cycle.
Ayurveda views the menstrual cycle as a deep detox and profound purification that a woman is blessed to have once a month.
This unique treatment that is exclusively performed by the Raju Family immensely enhances this purification process.

A Banana Leaf used in the treatment

The Banana Purification treatment deeply cleanses the entire body, particularly the female reproductive system.

Even if the problems are deeply rooted, significant relief can be achieved from this 3-5 day program.
The program also helps to balance the hormonal system so emotions become more even and smooth.

Banana Purification Involves

  • Taking herbs specially prepared with bananas during each day of the therapy.
  • Adhering to a specific and simple diet.
  • Taking plenty of rest so that the body can devote all its energy to clearing and healing. The treatment draws out toxins from all over the body into the menstrual blood through which they are expelled. Still profound detoxification happens for those not bleeding during this program.

A single banana purification done properly during menstruation has benefits, depending on the person, equal to two or more 23-day intensive Panchakarmas.


Banana Purification Australia & NZ 2020

Bondi, Sydney: May 1-5

Byron Bay: May 5-7

Melbourne: May 8-11

Auckland: May 12-16

Wellington: May 14-16 - *5 women only for Wellington.

Please read information carefully below before booking.
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Duration of Banana Purification Program

  • Menstruating women do the Banana Purification for the duration of their menstrual cycle.
  • Women not on their cycle generally do 3 - 5 consecutive days.
  • Allow approx. 60 mins for each session.

Essential Things to Know For Your Banana Purification

The more precise you follow these procedures, the more increased benefits you will get.


The Raju forefathers, who handed down this unique and wonderful knowledge to their family, specified that the Banana program itself should be given free of charge so that there is no financial barrier for anyone to have its benefits.

Donations are required for the bananas used, travel and accommodation expenses  -  $180 minimum donation is recommended for 3 days of Banana Purification and $300 for 5 days or $60/day.

Donations are required whenever a Raju travels to give the Banana Purification. Raju family members are traveling from overseas solely to provide the Banana Purification.

The donation cash should be in an envelope with your name written and the dates you are doing the Banana Purification.

You must observe minimum 30 minutes of silence before and after and during taking the medicine.

Please arrive on time and sit in silence while you wait.


  • On the days undergoing the Banana Purification, ideally one should not take any herbs and dietary supplements etc. Medicines if you can avoid during BT or have later (away from the BT) will be best. - if you have an issue or query with this, contact / 0451 534 884.
  • The banana herbs should be taken on a completely empty stomach. If you are taking the morning dose of Banana Purification, you should not consume any food, herbs, or medications etc. that morning. Only plain water is allowed.
  • 1 hour before taking the banana herbs the person should completely fast (no food, water etc.).
  • If taking Banana Purification at night, stop eating milk rice approx. 3-4 hours before.
  • It is important to swallow the banana piece whole - Do not chew it or allow it to touch your teeth.
  • 1 -2 hours after taking the medicine the patient should completely fast (no food, water etc.) After this, the first thing the patient should eat is milk rice
  • If taking Banana Purification at night, you don't have to eat after, you can go straight to bed.
  • Do not talk for 30 minutes before you receive the banana herbs and 30 minutes afterwards. Results are more powerful with inward attention and silence during this time.
  • Every meal during the Banana Purification should be "milk rice". If you have trouble digesting cows milk, try a smaller quantity raw or unhomogensied cows milk boiled. If this is still uncomfortable, you may have plain white rice only. Almond, coconut, rice, soy or goats milk is not allowed.
  • Rarely people feel aversion to eating milk rice every meal. If this happens and you really cannot tolerate it, have milk rice or plain white rice for the first meal (after taking the Banana Purification), then for the meals after that you may add a little cinnamon in the milk rice to add some flavour and reduce the aversion. Note that this is not ideal and for full benefits of the Banana Purification. Plain milk rice is best during menstrual cycle. You can also have fresh, simple food throughout if you are really struggling with diet.
  • If you have aversion or cannot cope with just milk rice or plain rice contact us to discuss the best meal plan.
  • Continue sipping hot water frequently during the Banana Purification days to help remove the toxins more thoroughly.


  • A time to go inward and rest - It is encouraged you keep socialising to a minimum. You will probably be quite tired during the Banana Purification, so it is best you avoid strenuous activity, work, studying, going out etc. Sleeping during the day is permitted. Think of this as a stretch of "time for yourself" where you can profoundly rest and purify.
  • Do not use tampons during Banana Purification as this impedes the free flow of toxins out of the body and may cause toxins to be reabsorbed as a result.
  • During the days of menstrual flow, it is traditional for you not to touch or have anyone touch you during this time as many impurities are coming out of the body (especially strong during the Banana Purification) and you want to maintain this potent energy in yourself.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

For ladies who want to do Banana Purification + have a Personal Health Session (Recommended):
Please book your Private Health Session after 1.30 pm. Note menstruating women cannot see the Vaidya.
Is Banana Purification Only for Menstruating Women?
  • Women whose menstruation is unnaturally absent will benefit from Banana Purification.
  • It is also beneficial for post-menopausal women to receive Banana Purification.
  • Though less powerful than during the days of actual flow, the therapy is still highly beneficial for increased purification, hormone balance and strength.
  • Women whose cycle does not align with the time that the Vaidya is there can still do the treatment.
  • If your cycle comes while the Rajus are in Australia, we highly encourage you to travel to the city that the Rajus are in at the time of your cycle to obtain the full benefit. After all, women travel from all over the globe to India to spend only a few days there just for Banana Purification, so traveling inter-state if the opportunity is there is well worth the benefits.

If I am taking Banana Purification at night do I still need to eat milk rice that day?
Yes, only eat milk rice that day and no food 3-4 hours and no water 2 hours before your Banana Purification evening session.

Do I eat bananas and why is it called Banana Purification?
No. The medicine is delivered on a very small piece of banana that is approx. the size of your little fingernail.

What is the difference between your 5, 4 and 3 days of Banana Purification?
The more days the more powerful, but 3 days is a complete cycle so is good. If you are menstruating you should do the Banana Purification every day you are menstruating.

Can I do less than 3 days Banana Purification?
3 days is a full cycle and we advise that minimum. However, if you only found out about this offering late, or genuinely cannot attend 3 days (consider your priorities), 1 or 2 days can be done and is still beneficial.


  • To gain maximum benefit from banana treatment make sure to book 3-5 consecutive days
  • If you know you will be menstruating at the time, please select the first session, since menstruating women go first to receive the Banana Treatment.

*Wellington - There are a limited number of slots available for BT.
Please apply to do the banana treatment by emailing to following:

  • Full name
  • Will you be menstruating?
  • Age
  • Every Date you will do Banana Purification
  • Present complaints & symptoms
  • Phone number

Any queries email


Vaidya Raju on Banana Purification
"The main action of Banana [Purification] is on the uterus ~ the communication between the brain and the uterus. When the communication is obstructed, it clears it—whatever is in the way. And then it clears everything because it removes the blocks [along the way]. With gall stones it takes some time...for liver problems much less time, gas much less. Because it fixes everything that is in-between and clears the way. Whatever is blocking it clears...makes that sankalp [intention] to work."

~ Vaidya J.R. Raju

Why is Banana Purification So Powerful?

"The main thing is the vibration [the use of the Primordial Sounds], and the herbs. Just like the planet is considered as the human (small point), Brahmananda is the universe (vast). Like that the herb is always minute, and it will work in all directions [huge expansion]. Similarly, along with that, the vibration enters into the body and goes into the whole endocrine system, not only the reproductive system, and creates the balance.
You might have seen one patient’s case here: just with the Banana [Purification] she developed her uterus and even her cervix was not there and that is also developed now. The treatment is given at the best time of the month because of the power of the underlying cycle. Banana [Purification] is a good rejuvenation. It is like half or even one full Panchakarma in value even when you are in menopause. Even if you don’t have those organs due to hysterectomy, whatever the balance is needed will come from the treatments. The whole hormone system is endocrine, so no need to worry about the organ itself."
~ Vaidya Krishna Raju. 

"I have had debilitating periods all my life...horrible cramps, nausea, and pain. After receiving banana treatment from Dr. Pavani Raju, I would say my periods are 95-99% better. Not only that, but it has had a side effect of giving me greater confidence and sense of self. I feel very lucky to have been given this treatment."
BT Patient, USA
"I wasn't able to take the Raju Banana Treatment when I was still menstruating, but I've been fortunate to have had it several times since menopause, because I know my cycle times from years past and the Vaidyas can feel in my pulse when I am ready for the banana medicine. Though they say it's more powerful during menstruation, it still brings me increased energy and strength, along with deep purification. From the moment I swallow the herb, I can feel a special liveliness spreading in my body, and for those first few hours after taking it I feel very inward and quiet and sometimes fall deep asleep for hours, even in the middle of the day. It's a very special experience, and gives me a big boost afterwards."
Panchakarma Guest, USA
"The Banana Purification Treatment was an incredibly special experience. I am very very grateful that I finally experienced it. The month before I received the BT my cycle was a nightmare. I went to the hospital from being in such tremendous and unbearable pain. Morphine wasn't even enough because I suffered from a partially ruptured ovarian cyst. My doctor assumed it crossed with a blood vessel. This brings the worst pain ever. It has been likened to child birth, followed by massive abdominal swelling The 2-3 prior cycles were increasing in pain leading up to last month where I couldn't even stand or walk. I could just curl into myself on the floor, using all my energy to endure the pain. This past cycle, after taking the banana treatment, I barely felt any pain at all (just some the first day, but Advil was sufficient in relieving the pain). I am so grateful!!! I was actually scared and anxious about the next cycle, wondering if I'd end up in the hospital again. The BT itself was very humbling and beautiful. I felt incredibly happy and loving afterwards and during the treatment. I since have felt lighter in body and spirit, like every cell in my body was invigorated and born anew. I felt incredibly awake, though at the same time very exhausted. Being in Dr. Raju's presence was humbling, cleansing, soothing, and inspiring. I will tell every woman I know and love to come the next time Dr. Raju comes to town. I will go too. I can hardly wait. 🙂 Thank you with my whole heart and spirit."
Patient, USA
"Stability, clarity and internal strength are the prominent effects the Banana Treatment has had on me. I find it very settling and strengthening to mind, soul and physiology. Female hormones are one of the most determining factors of a woman’s state of being. The Banana Treatment balances these hormones on a very fundamental level, creating lasting harmony. In my case, a concrete example is the positive influence the Banana Treatment had on my period. I used to not be able to “survive” my very long and heavy cycles without using pain relievers which was a big stress. After taking just two Banana Treatments, I could already feel a big difference. My cycles became shorter and less painful. After two more treatments, my cycles now only last 5 days and I can get by without using pain medicine at all. The Banana Treatment has also helped me to settle anxiety and insomnia. I am very grateful for having found this treatment. Through balancing my hormones, it has not only helped me to balance my physical body, but also to balance myself."
Panchakarma Guest, Germany
Ten years ago I used to be hospitalised for my period pain as it was so deliberating I would pass out. After lots of western medicine specialist appointments and many pharmaceutical drugs, I was told that I had endometriosis and went in for a laparoscopy to remove it, but there was nothing found. This is when my deeper journey with the natural and eastern medicine began. I did too many things to mention over the next 10 years and was feeling much better and then 10 months before my first banana treatment I started bleeding in my monthly cycle enough for 10 women. I was losing so much blood my haemoglobin count and anaemia was eventually so low that I needed to start getting iron infusions at a haematologist to stop my hair falling out, reverse my complete loss in appetite, stop my headaches, depression, lethargy and rapid heart rate which decreased my sleep quality. I did these things for 6 months but things were not getting much better and eventually I was hospitalised again. After much investigation, I saw Krishna-Ji for the first time. He had a new theory different to everyone, that was holistic and made sense, so I decided to see if what he was talking about might work. I stopped eating a mostly raw vegan diet and adopted a mostly cooked and warm Ayurvedic diet. I then did my first banana treatment in June 2016. My first time was thee most profound experience, it was very powerful and started working for me before I even ate my first fingernail size of ‘special’ banana. I slept so much during those days and my cycle immediately changed. From that cycle and going forward, I had a light flow for the first time in my life and little to no period pain at all. Both of these things had never happened to me in 17 years. I did my second banana treatment 6 months after that, and it was not as strong but toward the end of the long 7 day cycle, I cleared some blockages that needed to happen. I also cleared some deep emotional and mental traumas. Again it improved my periods. But then I found myself feeling the same feeling again and needing an iron infusion due to too much blood loss again. Since that treatment in April 2018, I have not needed an iron infusion since and my flow has been quite regular. The cramps and breasts lumps have come back a bit, but I am about due for my next banana treatment and I look forward to experiencing what my body needs next time. This is important work that needs to be cleared and done, especially for those with reproductive health issues and those wanting to have a healthy baby.
Beverly, Marketing Agent, USA
I had immense relief after the last banana treatment in Melbourne on my fibroids and excessive bleeding. It had stopped completely and I am undergoing menopause... I am looking forward to undergo another session of Bananna treatment with Vaidya Raju.
Penny, Yoga teacher
The time since my banana treatment has honestly been incredible. I feel really tapped into my energy, my creative potential and something has also shifted in the way men are drawn to me. All of which would make sense given where the healing took place.  I also got my period this morning which was a bit of a surprise as I had none of the usual telltale signs that warn me that it’s on the way! I had no weight gain or water retention, no irritability or feeling very emotional, I have been sleeping just fine even though I usually don’t, and most importantly, I had zero cramps, pain or crippling fatigue when my period arrived!!! It’s honestly a miracle!
Debbie, Sydney
“By the end of my period I was on cloud nine, I have never experiences anything as powerful as BT.”
I feel an emotional clarity I’ve never felt before, my digestion is amazing, my body feels light, my yoga practice has totally changed and I feel like I have a whole new body and mind! I cannot wait to do it again!
Brooke, Sydney

“Ten years ago I used to be hospitalised for my period pain as it was so deliberating I would pass out. After lots of western medicine specialist appointments and many pharmaceutical drugs, I was told that I had endometriosis and went in for a laparoscopy to remove it, but there was nothing found. 

This is when my deeper journey with the natural and eastern medicine began. I did too many things to mention over the next 10 years and was feeling much better and then 10 months before my first banana treatment I started bleeding in my monthly cycle enough for 10 women. I was losing so much blood my haemoglobin count and anaemia  was eventually so low that I needed to start getting iron infusions at a haematologist to stop my hair falling out, reverse my complete loss in appetite, stop my headaches, depression, lethargy and rapid heart rate which decreased my sleep quality. I did these things for 6 months but things were not getting much better and eventually I was hospitalised again. 

After much investigation, I saw Krishna-Ji for the first time. He had a new theory different to everyone, that was holistic and made sense, so I decided to see if what he was talking about might work. I stopped eating a mostly raw vegan diet and adopted a mostly cooked and warm Ayurvedic diet. I then did my first banana treatment in June 2016. 

My first time was thee most profound experience, it was very powerful and started working for me before I even ate my first fingernail size of ‘special’ banana. I slept so much during those days and my cycle immediately changed. From that cycle and going forward, I had a light flow for the first time in my life and little to no period pain at all. Both of these things had never happened to me in 17 years.

I did my second banana treatment 6 months after that, and it was not as strong but toward the end of the long 7 day cycle, I cleared some blockages that needed to happen. I also cleared some deep emotional and mental traumas. 

Again it improved my periods. But then I found myself feeling the same feeling again and needing an iron infusion due to too much blood loss again. Since that treatment in April 2018, I have not needed an iron infusion since and my flow has been quite regular. The cramps and breasts lumps have come back a bit, but I am about due for my next banana treatment and I look forward to experiencing what my body needs next time. 

This is important work that needs to be cleared and done, especially for those with reproductive health issues and those wanting to have a healthy baby.”

~ Banana Purification Guest, USA


"I was diagnosed with MRKH Syndrome in c.1996 following an ultrasound that revealed I had no uterus. This is a rare congenital condition whereby the female reproductive system stops developing after the creatIon of the ovaries.

This of course means you do not have periods, nor can you have children naturally.

In allopathic medicine there is no known reason or solution. On diagnosis, I was brought under the care of a specialist unit in a London hospital where they offer enormous emotional support to the diagnosed ladies and their families, but of course in their eyes there was nothing they could do.

In January 2010 my partner, Will, and I embarked on a two year traveling sabbatical. We decided to kick start it with a 23 day PK in Delhi. Will had been suffering from Gilbert's Syndrome and a poorly functioning liver, and the doctors back home had been at a loss on how to treat this debilitating condition. A short one week PK in the UK had had such beneficial results we decided to come for a long stint in Delhi. There we had the blessing and amazing good fortune to meet with Dr. JR Raju and we came out of our first consultation amazed. Raju-ji was not at all bemused by Will's condition and had diagnosed me just through the touch of the pulse. He even suggested that his family's Banana Medicine would be able to help me overcome my situation. My pulse had indicated that I had either just finished or was just about to start my cycle so for the rest of those three weeks he regularly took my pulse to track my cycle. It came, a few days before I was due to leave.

During this first treatment, I felt enough sensations to merit following Dr. Raju's advice and obtained an ultrasound. The results showed a small uterus!! We were overcome and so it was an easy decision to attend the clinic in Hyderabad as often as I could for monthly banana sessions whilst we were in India. Will's test results also showed a 75% improvement in his liver and thyroid functioning in just 23 days. He had been ill for over a year!

Over the next few months of banana treatment there was notable progress. I had ultrasounds after each treatment which invariably showed the uterus growing in size each month. I returned to the UK in June 2011 and had an ultrasound at a private hospital in the UK to alleviate my parent's concerns that the results were not a true reflection of what was indeed taking place. The result showed more progress, and the parents were on board!

We returned to India in late October 2011 for further travels and treatments in Hyderabad to accelerate the growth. The ultrasound following the October banana treatment showed 50% growth in the volume of the uterus since late June.

The November results indicated a further growth spurt in the length of the uterus. It was after this treatment that the lining of the uterus became fully developed and it was also the first time the radiologist was able to detect and measure the cervix. She and her nursing staff looked on in amazement. It was a wonderful moment.

An MRI in December 2011 confirmed normal myometrium, endometrial cavity and parametrium in the uterus.

I continued regular banana treatment, as well as a 42-day PK in Hyderabad in March 2012, to help support the growth process which it did enormously. In August I was due to head back to the UK - the funds were up and it was time for me to head home. However, Dr. Krishna Raju strongly advised otherwise as I was experiencing a high level of growth, so I returned in September and continued regular banana treatment and a short PK until January 2013.

The MRI in November 2013 showed that the vagina had connected with the uterus and the fallopian tubes had developed and connected also. And that is where I am tantalizingly at!

Apart from one banana treatment in Italy in the summer, I have not had any other treatment for a year and am letting Nature take her course. It is relevant that I am back at home for now, and will know when it is right to return and join the banana club again! But I am feeling it is soon. I am able to support the development by daily practising the marma touch points and special marma abyanga that I was so lucky to learn in Hyderabad. I do these daily, wherever possible, and I know they have had a profound effect on my physiology. In addition, I have also been incredibly fortunate to have the banana and PK supported by full marma treatments in Hyderabad, which I have found extremely powerful.

I have been utterly blessed to have met the Raju family and their team of supporters, both the immediate staff but also special friends of the clinic, who are all tirelessly helping the patients, supporting us on our journeys, being the embodiment of Ganesha. It is a true gift to be in their presence and truly know there is nothing to fear. My journey has been nothing short of incredible and I am really looking forward to seeing what Nature has in store and when she decides to bestow it."

~ Panchakarma Guest, England

Podcast of Dylan Smith interviewing this MRKH patient about her story coming soon.

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