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Cancer is now flowing into every single person's family.
1 in 2 men and 1 in 3 women will get cancer in their life.

But is the "C-word" sometimes convicted with unnecessary fear and over-exaggeration?

We also need to become more empowered in navigating the overload (and lack) of information that is available on the cancer journey.

We need to create an open discussion of all the possibilities that we can use to treat and prevent cancer.

About Our Guest: Dr. Paul Anderson

Paul Anderson, is an integrative oncologist and highly respected naturopathic physician practicing in Seattle and Arizona. He is a graduate of NCNM, and a full-time core faculty member at Bastyr University, teaching in the clinical science division.

Dr. Anderson is a recognised educator and clinician in integrative and naturopathic medicine with a focus on complex infectious, chronic and oncologic illness.

In addition to three decades clinical experience he also was head of the interventional arm of a US-NIH funded human research trial using IV Vitamin C and other therapies in cancer patients. He founded Advanced Medical Therapies in Seattle, Washington, a clinic focusing on the care of patients with cancer and chronic diseases.

He is co-author of the Hay House book “Outside the Box Cancer Therapies” with Dr. Mark Stengler as well as a co-author with Jack Canfield in the anthology “Success Breakthroughs” and the author of his latest book, Cancer: The Journey from Diagnosis to Empowerment.

He is a frequent CME speaker and writer and has extended his educational outreach through his website. Former positions include professor of Pharmacology and Clinical Medicine at Bastyr University and Chief of IV Services for Bastyr Oncology Research Center.

In this Episode we Discuss:

Navigating Cancer Tests, Screening & Diagnostic Methods

Excess screening vs inadequate (and potentially damaging) screening

Considering your family medical history and demographic vs. not being bound/influenced by your genetics.

But "test anxiety" and fear may promote the development of the cancer you are caring for.


  • If you do regular mammograms, you have an increased risk of cancer. Due to the high amount of radiation.
  • Mammograms say that they miss 20% or more pathology, especially if they have dense breasts.
  • Technology - a low tech image. A really dull instrument. Poor sensitivity.

Safer & Potentially More Effective Diagnostic Methods Screening Woman for Cancer

  • MRI - this does not have ionising radiation.
  • Pap Smear - good.

Prostate Screening for Men

The PSA (prostate specific antigen) marker in your blood is a protein is inadequate to measure prostate cancer.

Genetics and Epigenetics:

People are seriously confused about the true cause of cancer.

They believe it is a genetic disease, but the genetic damage is a downstream side effect from the mitochondria disfunction which is a result of poor diet, nnEMF exposure etc. - those are the causes.

Nature Medicine peer reviewed Journal - came out with an article in 2016 that 90% of cancers are lifestyle and environment - how many doctors ask their patients about their lifestyle and environment ?

  • Paediatric cancers - babies born with cancer.
  • NRCA gene mutation family. - 40% of women who have BRCA mutations never get cancer.

Negative influences for the epigenome.

Test Anxiety

Especially in people who already have cancer.

The Lagging Progress of Cancer

Over one trillion dollars has been invested into cancer and they are getting very little progress.

This is because the main stream research may be down the wrong pathway.

Other Bio-Marker Chemical Tests That Can Help Indicate Cancer

  • High sensitivity CRP (C-reactive protein) - non specific marker for inflammation. Tells something is brewing. On regular blood test. Doesn’t mean cancer. Range: ideally less than one.
  • Haemoglobin A1C - 3 months average of blood sugar. - This can indicate if the environment promotes cancer.
  • PHI - enzyme for hypoxia (low oxygen). Cancer thrives in that environment.

Dealing With Standard Oncologists & Integrative Oncology

  • Dealing with standard oncologists who don’t know about alternative therapies. Potential conflict.
  • What if I want to integrate alternative therapies in addition to standard treatment?
  • How to approach doctors who are closed minded?
  • Poisonous influences.
  • Utilise integrative oncologists.

Chemotherapy and Radiation.

  • Many of the drugs used today for chemotherapy were the same cytotoxic killing therapies used 50-70 years ago. These may be outdated.
  • Maintenance chemotherapy - when is it done?
  • Preventative chemotherapy
  • The rebound effect of chemo and radiation.
  • It is wise to good my immune system during chemotherapy?

    Most modern biological drugs are compatible with immune boosting botanicals.

Circulating tumour cells and stem cells:

  • The vast majority of the reasons why people are dying from cancer, on the pathological level, are due to these circulating stem cells.
  • Surgery, chemo, radio will not remove these cells. They actually irritate them.
  • These cells are the biggest cause of reoccurrence.
  • These are also the eventual cause of death.
  • It doesn't seem that modern chemotherapy or radiation is going to be able to specifically target these stem cells anytime.

Why Everybody Has Cancer Stem Cells

If everyone have cancer cells...

What determines whether one has their cancer stem cells switched on or off?

Secondary Prevention (Preventing cancer from coming back)

For current or past cancer patients. Considering the whole body and mind.

When and Where Does Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy Have Their Place?

Surgery's impact on circulating cancer stem cells

Any invasive therapy - you till have to clean the system up around it and promote healing.

What you can do to enhance the effect of the surgery and heal from it.

Fasting in association with surgery.

Biopsies can spread tumours.

Focusing on the health and the parts of the body that do not have cancer.



Fasting as the number one intervention of choice for cancer.

IV treatments for cancer:

Why doesn’t my hospital offer this?

Vitamin C and it’s relationship with cancer:

  • Orchestration of the immune system.
  • External influences that settle somewhere in the body, and the immune system goes to do it’s job to clean up the cells, and inevitably creates the problem.
  • Viruses invading certain areas.
  • Environmental sources.
  • Toxicity.
  • Diet - diet is a significant way in for toxic material.
  • Glycemic load.
  • Medical interventions - Such as modern biological drugs used to treat cancer. Modern medical interventions and drugs confuse the immune system and don’t allow it to regenerate.

Vitamin C

  • Unlike animals, humans cannot make their own vitamin C, so you have to take it from outside sources.
  • Low dose vs. High dose.
  • Low dose vitamin C - eat from foods and take in supplements.
  • Food over supplements for vitamin c intake?
  • Foods high in vitamin C.
  • Anand Sid Yog herbal formula contain Amalaki (indian gooseberry) as its main ingredient which is  high in vitamin C.
  • Anti-oxidant action and pro-immune system - especially in the “normal” (healthy) cells and trigger beneficial immune signalling.
  • Increases hydrogen peroxide which causes potent oxidative stress to these cancer cells, which is especially effective when fasting.
  • Intravenous Vitamin C
  • High dose Vit C - average higher dose start around 25,000mg, average for cancer is 50,000 - 100,000mg. Creates immune response around areas of inflammation.
  • GCPD deficiency and fragile blood cells (sickle cell disease) cannot tolerate these high doses.
  • Liposomal Vit C - It is in a fat envelope (liposome) there is a fat transport that doesn’t use the same pathways. They bypass check points in the digestive tract. Most of the liposomal activity is in the digestive tract, but these sneak through the cells are put into the lymphatic system - they go around the liver and miss the liver and get dumped into the blood. If your liver needs vitamin C it will get it eventually.
  • 1-3K mg a day of any form of Vit C.
  • Low dose - prevention. Supplements, hundreds to a few thousands mg. Plenty if you are healthy.
  • When sick, take 20,000 mg orally.
  • Using vitamin C therapy in association with other cancer therapies.
  • Contra-indications for high dose Vitamin C? - Those withG6PD enzyme deficiency, fragile blood cells (sickle cell disease) and similar genetic diseases have to be careful for high does.
  • How to give IV Vit C safely according to the individual person - considering how much to dilute it, how fast to give it, adding other minerals.


Turmeric should be used daily in cooking.

Thermo Therapies

  • Been used for a long time. Some of the most basic and oldest approaches to medicine.
  • Helps regular oncology therapies work better.

Cryotherapy (freezing)

Good tool for freezing and reducing tumours and leaving it to the immune system to clean up.

Hyperthermia (heat therapy)

Whole body or just heating up a certain organ where the cancer is.

Dylan Smith bathing in cold water

The word CANCER

  • How do you interact with that word?
  • Is it being over exaggerated?
  • Is cancer actually a death sentence?
  • How much power do you give to the cancer?

Terminal Cancer Cases


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Recount: Filipino Psychic Surgery

psychic surgery healing

Personal recount by Conan Mischer, May 18 2012

Many years ago I visited a famous "Filipino Psychic Surgeon" in Seattle (Alex Orbito). I remember feeling noticeably better after the visit than I did before. On my way back from this latest trip to India, I decided to stop and visit some of these "healers." I didn't have any serious problems, but I had the feeling they might be able to help relieve some of the various aches, pains and stiff areas in my body. Besides, it was "on the way home" since I was going to fly over the Pacific.

There is one website with a lot of good information on psychic surgery healing, which I used as my main guide:

The first healer I visited was Esther Bravo in Urdaneta, Pangasinan (~5 hrs north of Manila by bus). I asked one of the "Tricycle" drivers in Urdaneta to take me to her chapel one afternoon.  (A "Tricycle," as they are called, is a motorcycle with a sidecar; it is the Filipino version of the Indian "auto-rickshaw") When I arrived at her small, modest chapel, no one was there, so I went back to my hotel. But when I arrived back at my hotel, I ran into a group of Russians. They didn't speak any English, but they managed to communicate to me that they were on their way to see Esther and invited me to cram myself into the motorcycle sidecar and come along, which I did. (I later found out there were also people visiting her from Italy and Estonia, and nearby Philippine villages, and they would all show up at her chapel at 9am every morning. Sometimes she would also tell people to come in the afternoon.)

Esther is a fairly young, short, attractive Filipino lady who speaks in an annoyingly high-pitched voice. But when she begins to channel the holy spirit, her voice drops about an octave and she speaks with confidence and authority.

As with all of the healers I visited, there is not much importance given to privacy at Esther's chapel. People who come and lie before her are half-clad in front of everyone.

She will listen to people's health concerns and give them some attention, but mostly she likes to be guided by her own diagnosis techniques to work in the areas where she feels she can be most helpful. The same is true for all three of the healers I visited. Also, her main style of diagnosis is similar to that of the other two healers I saw: She holds up a white sheet of paper in front of your body and apparently looks at the subtle energy impressions made on the paper from your body. (The other two healers I visited use a white cloth sheet instead of paper.)

Before she begins to operate on people, she give each person a "spiritual injection" in order to prepare them for the operation. This technique is unique to Esther. The way the injection works is that she has a helper hold a Bible open to John 17, then she "sucks up" the energy from the Bible in an imaginary syringe and injects it into people in various locations of their bodies. When she injected me with the healing spirit, I felt it quite clearly and was immediately convinced she was genuine.

After the injections, she starts rubbing different areas of people's bodies, depending where they need attention. As she rubs, some blood starts to flow and eventually some objects are pulled from the bodies that look like they don't belong there. (She doesn't allow cameras, so I don't have pictures.) I saw her pull many strange things from people, including myself. One girl who was there from Estonia told me she saw Esther pull some organ out of someone's body, clean it, and then replace it!) But what most impressed me about Esther was how I felt after each operation, I felt lighter, clearer and more flexible, and I noticed in my subsequent meditations that something had shifted/opened in me energetically. In fact, I was so pleased with the experiences I was having with Esther that I decided to stay with her in Urdaneta for my entire time in the Philippines. But then one day I got word that she would be gone for a few days and so I decided I would take advantage of the opportunity to visit some of the other healers.

Note: I found out later from a French-Canadian man that there is another healer in Urdaneta named, "Aurelia Guttierez," whom he feels is even better than Esther. Most of the tricycle drivers in Urdaneta know where both Esther Bravo and Aurelia Guttierez live, so you just have to hop in a tricycle and say their name.

So, with Esther gone, I took a bus from Urdaneta to Bagio, a refreshingly cool city in the mountains about 2 hrs from Urdaneta.

My first morning in Bagio, I went to see Jun Labo. When I met him, he shook my hand invited me into to his living room. I was quite surprised to find out later that he is 77 years old, since he looks radiant, with very clear eyes. He asked me about my health concerns, but explained to me that he had already finished his work for the day and it would be better if I came back the next day at 9:30am, along with the others who would be arriving then.

My experiences with Jun Labo made it clear to me that he is in a completely different league than Esther. The sheer size of the objects I saw Jun pulling out of people, including myself, impressed me greatly. The amount of blood that flowed was also much, much more. Watching him work, or even watching videos of his work is not for the squeamish!

Jun charges 6000 Pesos per operation (about $120), which is a lot by Filipino standards. But after just one visit, I decided to schedule the recommended 10 days of healing sessions.

He starts out each day with a church service, which he conducts in the chapel next to his living room, and he expects everyone who is going to receive healing that day to attend the service at 9:45am. In the service, he asks for blessings and support from Jesus Christ and gives the credit for his healing work to Christ. All the Filipino healers work with the healing energy of Christ, as far as I know. (The culture of The Philippines is strongly Catholic.)

Jun seemed to know intuitively exactly where I had pains, stiffness, Etc. I had beed told years before by someone who sees energies that I had a block in the lower part of my chest and he went right to work on that area, without me telling him about it. He pulled out some nasty looking things from there, which you can see on the YouTube videos below. I also saw him pull some huge (baseball-sized) objects out of a large Japanese man, and similarly large objects from a French-Canadian lady. (Note: I'll be getting a video of the latter, which I can email to those who ask. Unfortunately I don't have it at present, and I know for a fact the lady in the video does NOT want me to post it to YouTube.)

Among other things, he also worked on opening my third-eye chakra. He doesn't do this for everyone, but he does it when he feels it's appropriate.

One time Jun removed a huge amount of mucus from my upper chest and throat area, which convinced me to reduce dairy intake when he showed it to me. 🙂

There are also a picture on the wall in the waiting room in which it shows where Jun has pulled some lady's eyeball out of its socket and is holding it with one hand about an inch away from her face while he cleans behind it with a finger of the other hand. Just bizarre stuff, and again, not for the squeamish.

Jun is very famous in the Philippines and abroad. He was the personal healer for former Philippines President Marcos and his wife, Amelda Marcos. He has also been flown all over the world to work on people such as former Libyan Leader Gadafi. Burt Lancaster once made a movie about Jun Labo as well, for which Jun was flown to a hospital in Wisconsin where he was "tested" by a team of medical doctors. After the tests, all the doctors agreed that his work was genuine and he really was pulling out things out from people's bodies, and it was real human blood that was flowing, with DNA that matched the patient's DNA. About two weeks after the doctors had all agreed on this, they all reversed their positions 180 degrees. Hmmm... I wonder if the American Medical Association or some large pharmaceutical representative had a talk with the doctors after Jun left and convinced them to reverse their findings...?

As I did after my visits to Esther, I felt lighter, cleaner, calmer, and more flexible after each visit to see Jun. It was clear that something significant was shifting and I still feel the effects weeks later.

After each morning of operating on people, Jun would invite everyone upstarts to his living room, serve them fresh mint tea, and smoke a cigarette while chatting with us. 🙂 (He is clear that smoking and/or eating meat is not right for everyone, but he says they are ok for some people.)

After 10 days of seeing Jun, I felt pretty good, but I still had 2 days left before my flight, so I went to see one more healer in Bagio: William Nonog. I only had a chance to see him two times, but I definitely got the impression he is just as genuine and just as good as the others. I also saw him pull some pretty large things out of my French-Canadian friend, Andre. As with the others, I felt a positive shift after each visit to see William. William also works on opening the third-eye chakra and integrating it with other chakras. Note: If you're going to see William, you should arrive at 9am on Tue. and/or Fri. at his house (The address is in the document referenced by the link above). Those are the two days he operates. If you want to contact him to make sure he will be there, here's some up-to-date contact info: Cell: 0063-9166-151558. email:

Note: These healers are NOT enlightened masters; they are gifted souls who serve as technicians to help people clean out the accumulated toxins/growths/tumors/internal scar tissues/Etc from the body. This cleaning of the physical body may seem to help shift the thought patterns of the one being cleaned, but I prefer to think of the cause-effect relationship in the reverse order: These "psychic surgeons" are merely a mechanism through which a new, "cleaner" pattern of thought can be expressed in terms of a "cleaner" body. People (like my grandparents, for example) who have gone to see the Filipino psychic surgeons without any intention of changing their patterns of thought or behaviour, usually report some temporary relief, followed by a recurrence of the disease.

Below are some video links. I have more videos I can post if there is interest. Did I mention these videos are not for the squeamish?


(That is Conan on the treatment table!!).

Note: There are other videos of Jun Labo on YouTube if you search for him. Some people think he's fake. I don't, but maybe that's just because I want to believe it's genuine. I will admit that the "placebo" effect is very powerful. "Belief is powerful indeed." If he succeeded in making me believe I am healed, then I am healed.

Conan Mischer, May 18 2012

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Pulse Diagnosis: Ayurveda’s Most Profound Diagnostic Tool

Pulse diagnosis in Ayurveda

Pulse diagnosis, a healing art and science, is a most refined, accurate and comprehensive diagnostic tool employed in Ayurveda to figure out where any imbalance exists in the body, and what the nature of the imbalance is.

In Ayurveda there are 8 diagnostic or examination methods (Ashta Sthana Pariksha):

  1. Nadi Pariksha (Pulse Examination)
  2. Mutra Pariksha (Examination of Urine)
  3. Mala Pariksha (Stool Examination)
  4. Jihwa Pariksha (Tongue Examination)
  5. Shabda Pariksha (Voice Examination)
  6. Sparsha Pariksha (Touch Examination)
  7. Drik Pariksha (Eye Examination)
  8. Akrti Pariksha (Physical Appearance Examination)

Pulse Is Superior

Pulse is #1 because, through the channel (nadi) of the radial pulse, a physician (who has the knowledge and capability) can simply and quickly gain an insight into what is going on in the body and mind on a level deeper than any other examination method.

The pulse can access the deepest and subtlest aspects in the body and mind, including fathomless root causes of disease. It intervenes very early in the disease process, whereas other examination methods are more delayed.

For example, urine and faeces examination are the next two methods after pulse which provide the deepest insights. They are high up the list for detecting disease early because they are the first wastes of the body.

With the pulse however, you don’t need to wait for the waste product to come. You can tap into the earlier four stages of disease before symptoms or waste products manifest.

This is not only useful for prevention but also is valuable for those with niggling health issues or that are poorly responding to treatments.

This, of course, is only possible by a pulse physician who holds mastery in this area. Other physicians may have more experience or mastery with other diagnostic methods and don’t utilise the pulse at all.

Vast Holistic Knowledge

They say it takes within 2-4 minutes for the blood to circulate to every cell all over the body.
The pulse gives information on what is happening physically.

Your pulse is your heart and your heart is your feelings. When the heart beats, it gives information about the emotional blocks, traumas as well areas in life where people thrive.

The heart is the faculty of thought, actions and desires. It is closely connected to one’s mental state.

The heart is the source of Ojas - the physical expression of consciousness. It connects us to the Absolute infinite source of Being that underlies everything. This is why the heart is known as the ”spiritual organ” in many traditions. When you take your pulse you are taking information about the physical connection between your blood and the underlying consciousness state.

Illustration of nature elements sprouting from a human being

Pulse as Therapy

”After completing the Nadi pariksha, if the physician washes his hands, diseases disappears from the patient like mud washes away from cleaning with water.”
Yogaratnakara, vol. 1 verse 43.

When you connect your body with the underlying state of Pure Consciousness (where perfect health is) through pulse, it heals the physiology. There is even a highly advanced therapy called “Vedic Vibration Pulse Therapy” which my teachers father, Father B.A. Raju was a well known master in.

The Subtle Power of Touch: Sparsha

The epidermis (superficial layer of skin) is closely connected to the nervous system. It contains epidermal keratinocytes (skin cells) that are highly specialised epithelial cells designed to precisely interact with the environment. These cells can feel all the senses. They enable the skin to feel fragrance, light and sound. Similarly, a tail of sperm goes crazy and moves towards a flower.

Continuous practice of pulse promotes one to develop super subtle sensory perception, which essentially enhances ones overall approach to healing, whether it be on yourself (self-pulse) or communicating with a patient and treating a patient (pulse is the pre-requisite to learning marma therapy and special massages as it superbly refines the sense of touch).

“Sparsha (The sense of touch) alone pervades all the senses. It is permanently associated with the mind.”
Caraka Samhita, S.S. Ch. 11,(38).

There Are Many Methods of Pulse Diagnosis

Pulse diagnosis has not only been utilised in India, but also China, Persia, Greece, Egypt and various medical traditions all over the world.

Furthermore, within Ayurveda there are many different methods of carrying out a pulse diagnosis.

The good news is, the Pulse Diagnosis method I utilise and teach, which my teachers teach, and which their disciples* across the world teach, is one of the easiest and mosteffective methods out there which is objective and logical.

Why the Radial Pulse

There are many pulses in the body in addition to the radial pulse (wrist) such as the neck (carotid artery), groin (femoral artery), behind the knee (popliteal artery), near the ankle joint (posterior tibial artery) and on the foot (dorsalis pedis artery).

Why do we use the radial pulse and not the heart? If you put your ear on the speaker, sound isn't good. Better get some distance. Furthermore, the radial pulse is known as “kuma nadi” - the artery giving knowledge.

Sustainable Form of Diagnosis

Blood tests, urine samples, x-rays, MRIs, etc. are polluting the earth and use a lot of energy. Pulse you don't even need electricity. In Ayurveda we use Pulse Diagnosis because it is correlated with natural law and therefore we avoid putting any poison in the environment; it’s more than biodegradable.

Pulse Consultation at Vital Veda Clinic

You can book a pulse consultation with Dylan in our Bronte Beach clinic in Sydney.

Dylan also travels around the world to offer consultations.  Sign up to the newsletter for updates.

Book here.

Self-Pulse Technique

Taking the pulse is a powerful self-referral awareness technique ~ an open window to what is happening in the physiology.

Learn how to take your own pulse here.

In traditional families of Vaidyas (Ayurvedic physicians), the children start learning at a very young age.

In this photo, Vaidya J.R. Raju teaches his grandchildren pulse diagnosis.

Art depicting Ojas: Alpha Channeling.