The Ayurvedic Benefits of Gold (Swarna)

Dylan Smith

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Gold’s mystical qualities have attracted human beings since the dawn of history.
Gold is far more than a mere commodity or even a monetary metal.
Now I’m going to be sharing with you some golden nuggets of wisdom…

The Other Names for Gold & Their Meaning

  • “Abhaya” - assurance or “fearless” of disease. Assurance of mental state. money, you feel financially assured when wearing gold.
  • Svarṇa
  • Suvarṇa
  • Kanaka - also a word for “a miner”.
  • Hema - typically used as a “weight of gold.” also a word for “the earth”, “a handsome woman”,  “dark or brownish colour horse.”
  • Hāṭaka - also a word for a “particular magical drink”
  • Tapnīya - gold.
  • Gāngeya - also a word for the holy river Ganges.
  • Kaladhauta - also a word for “bullion”
  • Kāñcana - another word for wealth,
  • Cāmīkara - gold
  • Satakumbhha
  • Kārtasvara
  • Jāmbūnada - could be gold from the Jambu river in Jambudvīpa “the land of Jambu trees” (Indian Blackberry (Syzygium cumini), Dvīpa = island or continents.
Woman wearing Gold Rings
  • Jātarupa - another word for “brilliant”, “beautiful”, “splendid”.
  • Mahārajata - another word for “turmeric” and “thorn-apple” (Datura inoxia).
  • auram” - Which means “to glow” in Latin.

The History of Gold

  • Gold is the earliest recorded metal used by humans.
  • There are records of it being mined for over 7K years. Earliest records are from Bulgaria.
  • But there have been gold nuggets found in Spanish caves over 40K years ago.
  • Vedic tradition has probably been earlier.

Why is gold our metal of choice?

  • It’s not difficult to extract or mine - it doesn’t take any chemicals to get it out.
  • Gold is the most malleable metal there is: just one ounce of gold (28gm) can be drawn into a wire that is 50 miles / 80km long without breaking.
  • Noble metal: it doesn’t oxidise or corrode. It doesn’t tarnish, it maintains its beautiful luster for thousands of years.
      • Pioneer 10 Plaque - Pioneer 10, a spacecraft launched from earth in 1972, is hurtling through space right now bearing a gold plaque inscribed with messages from man kind with drawings of humans and a map of our solar system, just in case the spacecraft is intercepted by intelligent extraterrestrial life. Gold was chosen to bear this message - which will not reach the nearest planetary system for 10 billion years - because gold endures.
      • Gold harvested from Egyptian tombs that is thousands of years old still is shiny and looks new.
      • Gold found in shipwrecks looks as if it just came out of the mint.
  • Gold can be drawn into a few as fine as a hair . One ounce of gold (28gm) can be drawn into a wire that is 50 miles / 80km long.


  1. 24kt is 100% gold. e.g. gold bhasma. Can’t be used for jewelry.
  2. 22kt is the highest that can be mailable. 22/24 = 91.67% gold.
  3. 18kt - 75% gold.
What is the other %?
Other metals:
  • Copper - 100% gold gives red gold.
  • silver,
  • nickel (white / banned in Europe),
  • silver,
  • palladium.
This is what changes the colour of gold.
Gold Bars & Coins

How Much Gold is There on Earth?

There's estimated to be 187,000 tonnes of gold above ground (that has been mined). Recorded in 2017.
50% of this - jewelry.
40% - investments of this is in - coins, bars.
10% - electrical wires.
Producers of Gold in the World:
    1. Biggest producer - China produces 440 tonnes / year.
    2. Richest area -  22% of the gold in the world is sourced from South Africa.
    3. Asteroid impacts on earth about 4 billion years ago and clears the land for the gold to be mined.
    4. Gold In The Sea - super minuscule. Researchers believe there merely are about 20 million - 10 billion tonnes in the ocean. It's not worth harvesting.


Gold dust in honey

This was a Roman ointment for battle wounds suffered by great military leaders.

Svarna Bhasma
Virya - Sheeta
Gunas - Guru (heavy), Picheela (slimy)
Karmas and Indications:
  • Vajjikarana (aphrodisiac)
  • Heavy to digest
  • Stoutens the body
  • Good for eyes/vision
  • Improves intelligence, memory and wisdom
  • Good for the heart
  • Extends/improves life span and complexion
  • Confers clarity and stability of voice
  • Cures disease caused by two kinds of poisons (vegetable and animal)
  • Good for emaciation
  • Insanity
  • Fever arising from all three doshas
  • Pulmonary tuberculosis.
If Suvarṇa Bhasma is not properly prepared, it:
  • Destroys strength and vitality of men
  • Gives rise to a large number of diseases
  • Produces misery
  • Can produce death.
Suvarna (Svara) Bhasma

According to the Bhavapraksha Pūrvakaṇḍa, good quality gold should undergo shodana samskara (purification) and be made to bhamsa (ash) in order to be used medicinally.


This powerful formula enlivens the cellular memory of perfect health and helps restore the body to balance.

Regular use helps increase consciousness, creativity, happiness, health, and balance in mind and body.

"Smriti" is a sanskrit word where the english word "smart" comes from. Smriti helps enhance cognitive function and capacity for greater performance.

Smriti by Vital Veda


Corrects and brings the intellect back to balance. Promote greater intelligence of the mind.

Pragnya (Refined Intellect) by Vital Veda

Swarna Dhatu

Helps restore and regenerate nerves, bones and tissues, because it nourishes and strengthens all seven layers of the dhatus (tissues) in the body.

Helps to strengthen and stabilise the whole system.

Swarna Dhatu (Golden Nourisher) by Vital Veda

Special Matra Basti Oil

Special Matra Basti oil for Matra Basti (small nourishing enema)

We only use top quality oils procured in a specific manner (mrdu paka = soft preperation).

Special Matra Basti Oil by Vital Veda

Pusya Drops

Essential herbal drops to help boost immunity and build tissues for infants and children.

Precious and potent formula of rare herbs.

Pusya Drops by Vital Veda

Bruhat Vata Chintamani Rasa

A very effective formula often used for cardiovascular disorders.

Bruhat Vata Chintamani Rasa


The Gold Primer - Golden Possibilities 1980

Pioneer 10 - Pūrvakaṇḍa

Bunya Nuts: The Native Australian Jurassic Fruits

Bunya Nuts
Bunya Nuts only drop their ripe fruits in abundance every 3 years, so when the season arrives, festive abundance emanates from the Aussie bush.
These native Australian trees have been around since Jurassic times!
Just see, feel and breathe the ruthless spiky leaves, tall trees, and monstrous (up to) 10kg cones. It makes sense that dinosaurs used to eat this as food (whole cone)!Today, people avoid parking their cars under these trees, put up warning signs “CAUTION: Large and deadly bunya cones fall here”, and unknowingly or indolently dispose of this free food as garden waste.
But traditionally, there would be large “Bunya gatherings” of indigenous tribes travelling from long and far to feast on Bunya and community love.
There are reports of tribes from as far away as South Australia & Western Australia travelling to the main spot - Bunya Mountains, 200km NW of Brisbane for these gatherings.
Bunya Tree
Dylan Smith holding two Bunya Nuts
This native pine (Araucaria bidwillii) promotes the Vedic energy “Lakṣmī”- abundance of nourishment that connects us to the cycles and rhythms of nature’s intelligence.“Mother Divine Feminine” (Devi / Lakṣmī ) expresses herself through seasonal rhythms of climatic patterns and cyclical harvesting periods.She also triggers the recipients of food harvests and weather shifts to reciprocate to Mother Nature with reverence, which ultimately aligns the intelligence of that individual towards the level of Nature’s intelligence.
A cone can have bonyi 20-100 nuts, so make a social date with your friends & family to process together and have a feast for the soul before a feast for the belly. 
We de-shelled a bunch for cooking in the next couple weeks, and left most of them in their shell to store for longer.
So many ways you can prepare and eat them: make flour, pizza, bread, dosas, pesto, gnocchi (tastes like nutritious potatoes when boiled), roasted, add them to curries, fermented drinks, etc.
People even study Fibonacci’s math with Bunya cones!
Thanks to Bundjalung country and indigenous wisdom for providing and maintaining this food.
You may come across some nuts that are sprouting. Particularly if your bunya nuts have been sitting in moist conditions. If you do, plant these in the ground and spread the Bunya love!
This is what the tribes did on their way home from the Bunya gatherings.
Bunya Nut Harvesting Process
For plenty of inspirational Bunya recipes and ideas, click HERE.
Thanks to Bundjalung country and indigenous wisdom for providing and maintaining this food.
Thanks to @om_cade @soledelriccio @daliagencher @t.karacsay @mousa_meditation for feeding our soul and belly.

Hot Milk Elixir

Just like grandma used to cook up for you with love and foresight. This nightly sleep aid and anabolic tonic holds great wisdom, incorporating one of the most nourishing foods: cows milk, with the intelligence of natures herbs and spices. You’ll sleep like a baby and super charge overnight.

Dreaming of a Good Night’s Sleep?

This Ayurvedic remedy will reduce your stress to allow you to switch off and gain a more restful and undisturbed sleep.

Supersede the Stress

Insomnia, which can increase the risk of most degenerative diseases(1) is mostly caused by stress. When we are under stress, cortisol levels (stress fighting hormones) do not decrease, rather they keep us revved up throughout the night and we don’t have the energy to calm them back down.

Modern science has once again proved ancient wisdom by showing milk has certain peptides that lower cortisol and support sleep by 50%. The improvements of sleep are remarkable:

  • Promotes deeper sleep (3)
  • Supports more restorative sleep (3)
  • Provides relaxation at the level needed for sleep (4)
  • Calms anxiety (4)
  • Improves numerous stress markers (5)
  • These peptides further support digestion, emotional state, cognitive function and even cardiovascular function. (6)

Interestingly, these peptides in milk activate GABA receptors.(4) Pharmaceutical drugs that are widely used as sedatives for stress, anxiety, and sleep target these same GABA receptors!(7)

Ojas Building

Even if you sleep well, this night-time tonic will not only upgrade your sleep to be more deep and restful, but also build your Ojas.

Ojas (OH-jas) is considered to be the most refined by-product of digestion, said to reside in the heart. Ayurveda considers ojas to be a bio-celestial substance that is our vital essence.

Our vitality, immunity, vigour, skin, sleep, digestion, spirituality and physical strength are all directly influenced by our reserve of ojas.

Ojas builds our inner silence. It Increases the ability to genetically connect with the circadian rhythms allowing the body to resonate with the rhythms and thrive. If your body is under stress, emergency alarm bells will keep ringing (flight or fight response/sympathetic nervous system) disconnecting you from the genetic ability to hear these rhythms.

Building ojas is an art. Yoga, pranayama breathing exercises, meditation, spending time in nature, sleeping at the right times, laughing, showing love and affection and giving to others, spending time being creative, relaxing, and doing things that make you happy all build ojas.

Perhaps one of the best ways to consistently build ojas is to eat a diet of fresh, unprocessed whole foods in the appropriate season.
Further, there are certain foods and herbs in Ayurveda that are great ojas-builders. These were traditionally blended with warm milk and taken before bed as a sleep aid and an ojas-builder.


Ayurveda’s Super Sleep Recipe

Recipe: Hot Milk Elixir with Spices

  • Boil 3/4 cup of un-homogenised cows milk + 3/4 cup of water. You can adjust the ratio according to your taste and digestion - more creamy or more diluted.
  • After you turn the stove on, add 2 strands of saffron + 1 chopped medjool date + 3 crushed and peeled almonds. Boil till it fully foams up (and is about overflow out of the pot)
  • For extra digestive boost and purity, you can let it sit for a few minutes before boiling it again till it foams up. Repeat this process a total of 3 times (including the first boil).
  • After the milk has boiled, add:
  • Pinch of cardamom powder
  • pinch of cinnamon powder
  • pinch of ginger powder
  • pinch of turmericpowder
  • pinch of black pepper
  • ½-1tsp ghee.

*Note you can add or subtract the spices and the food items according to your taste and liking.

Stir well and enjoy.

Recipe: Hot Milk Elixir with Therapeutic Herbs

Boil 3/4 cup of un-homogenised cows milk + 3/4 cup of water. You can adjust the ratio according to your taste and digestion - more creamy or more diluted.

  • Boil till it fully foams up.
  • For extra digestive boost and purity, you can let it sit for a few minutes before boiling it again till it foams up. Repeat this process a total of 3 times (including the first boil).
  • After the milk has boiled, add one pinch of Bliss and 1tsp of ghee.

*Alternative/additional herbs to Bliss that can be used are Dhatu, Swarna Dhatu, Ashwagandha or Shatavari.

Stir well and enjoy.

Product Bliss, by One Eleven Health

When to Drink It:

  • Have between dinner and sleep - approximately 45-60mins after dinner and 45-60mins before bed.
  • You can even make this your dinner.
  • Drink one cup of the golden milk each night for 3 months to rebuild ojas levels and support sleep patterns.
  • You can also have this in the morning approximately 45 minutes before breakfast or make it your breakfast, (good for people who don’t have an appetite in the morning). It is also a great replacement to coffee.

"But I Don’t Do Dairy"

If you are intolerant to dairy, it is probably indigestion, some weakness and/or your mind getting the better over you by 'accepting' the intolerance. Additionally, most milk is difficult to digest because it is unnecessarily homogenised, pasteurised the wrong way, added chemicals, pesticides, preservatives and anti-biotic’s.

However, drink the right milk and correct your agni, and you may find you can slowly introduce this medicinal lactation back into your diet.

Most places you can find milk that is non-homogenised without all these nasty additives. Getting non-pasturised or vat-pasturised, (heated at low temperature for short time), is a bonus, but the main precept is to drink non-homogenised milk. This has become so popular that mainstream supermarkets in Australia and New Zeland are now selling it. Additionally, most health-food stores will have it.

If you are very sensitive to milk, I suggest first correct agni, then slowly introduce dairy by drinking thin Lassi with lunch.

You may substitute substitute coconut or (freshly made) almond milk. Though you won’t get the benefits of the milk peptides, you’ll still have a vehicle for the ojas-building foods and herbs and some calming benefits from the warmth of the milk.

Take this milk to build some resiliency towards the stress that prevents us from sleeping like we should.

It’s tasty, nourishing and a great way to end the day, plus it’ll send you off with the clouds for the night.


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Ayurvedic Immunisation Over Vaccination For Babies

With the recent heat caused by Robert De Niro's controversial anti-vaccine documentary Vaxxed: From Cover-Up To Catastrophe being pulled out of the Tribeca Film Festival, interest and suspicion has stirred up in the pharmaceutical vaccine industry.

So in due course, I will share with you an Ayurvedic way of immunisation.

Vaccinations are a very sensitive topic. I will not blab on about the pharmaceutical industry, only briefly talk about some of the science associated with vaccinations.

What Is Actually In A Vaccination?

Take away the propaganda, take away the new age jargon - just look at the science. Lets look at some of the ingredients of most vaccines:

  • Formaldehyde (well known-carcinogenic)
  • Aluminium (extremely toxic, known neuro-toxin)
  • Thimerosal is a Mercury containing preservative
  • Anti-Biotics
  • Egg Protein – many vaccines are prepared using chicken eggs.
  • Monosodium glutamate (MSG)
  • other heavy metals, unknown elements, germs that were not intended to be there.

These are put into a baby who has a weak and vulnerable immune system. This is further dangerous because injections bypass portals of immune defence to penetrate deeper into the body.

If you were to take a bottle and fill it with these ingredients and give it to a baby to drink, you could be charged with murder.

Vaccines Are Not 100% Safe

Contrary to what the government would like us to believe, vaccines are not 100% safe.

For example, from 1989 to 2011, the pharmaceutical industry paid out $2.3 billion a year for vaccine injuries.(1) In 2011, the Supreme Court of USA passed a law protecting pharmaceutical companies from all liability related to vaccine injuries, even if the vaccine could have somehow been made safer.(1)

In one study, published in the Journal of American Medicine (JAMA) in 2004, the influenza vaccine was linked to a life-threatening condition called Guillain-Barré syndrome.

The Hepatitis B vaccine – which is given to newborns within 12 hours of birth – has been linked to liver cell destruction and accelerated cell death.

While government bodies and medical associations insist this is necessary, Hepatitis B is only spread by blood or intimate contact with body fluids from someone infected, and mothers are always screened during pregnancy.

"We have just witnessed yet another example of the power of corporate interests censoring free speech, art, and truth." 
Vaxxed filmmakers on behalf of Robert De Niro.

Taking these isolated studies and claiming that vaccinations are completely unsafe is also way out of context when considering the benefits and immunity they provide to millions of people worldwide.

I’m not against the principle of vaccinations, just make sure they give clean vaccinations! I’m against uninformed decisions.

My Suggestions If You Are Going to Vaccinate

Reduce or Spread Out Doses For New Borns

The high amount of vaccinations starting as early as six months old up to six years old may be way too overwhelming for the immune system.

Remove Potential Toxins from Vaccines

Perhaps the most dangerous outcome of the Supreme Courts ruling to hold harmless the pharmaceutical industry from vaccine-related injury is the subsequent lack of motivation to improve the vaccines and use more natural ingredients.

Ask your pediatrician to order vaccines without mercury or other toxic substances commonly found in vaccines. More of these are coming onto the market. Europe took mercury out of the vaccines, the UN is advocating to have it out, Australia has removed it for under 5 year-olds, USA still has it.

Additionally or as a Replacement, Administer Ayurvedic Immunisation

The Ayurvedic immunisation I am about to reveal to you is important to boost your baby's immunity if they are being vaccinated. This will (to some extent) protect your baby from the dangers of vaccines.

However, this Ayurvedic immunity booster for babies and children plus proper diet and lifestyle regimen will boost the child's immunity so adequately that there is very little to no need for vaccinations at all.

Ayurvedic Immunisations

Pusya Drops

Ayurvedic Immunisation 

This Ayurvedic immunity booster also helps build the tissues of babies and children. A precious and potent formula of rare herbs. Can be given until the child’s teenage years. Please consult an Ayurvedic practitioner who knows about this knowledge.

Administering Ritual

The father or mother is to give this to the newborn as soon as possible (but no hurry) after the baby has come out of the womb. Then continue the rest of the essential practices for the infant such as:

  • Bathing (if you didn't already bathe the infant before administering the tonic).
  • Breastfeed within the first hour (max. four hours) after exiting the womb.
  • Oil massage - All over the baby's body. Ideally using medicated Ayurvedic oils like our Ayurvedic Baby Massage oil. Cold-pressed coconut oil is also fine.
  • Whisper Baby Mantra - A primordial sound you whisper to the baby to immediately resonate and calm their physiology. This communicates to the baby "don't worry, you've arrived into a Vedic family, you will be enlightened, we will give you knowledge for enlightenment. You will once again unify with totality. Relax, you can be a baby now."  - contact your local Vedic Meditation teacher to receive and be taught about the Baby Mantra.
  • Wrap Baby in silk or muslin cloth completely, especially ears. Only expose eyes and nose.

Full Post-Natal Care Regimen HERE

How Often To Administer Ayurvedic Immunisation

1-3x as soon as possible after the baby exits the womb. Even within 12-14 hours after birth is also beneficial.

After that, it can be given to the baby once a month on the Pushya Nakshatra (an astrological constellation occurring about once a month). If you administer an Ayurvedic tonic once a month for up to 12 years old this provides a powerful immunisation for life.  These herbs can even be given until the child is a teenager.

Even if you missed out on the first dose right after birth, you can even start at the age of a toddler.

These herbs are for your baby using the finest and precious ingredients and preparation method.

Have you ever tried any Ayurvedic immunity booster for your babies or children? Comment 👇

This information is not intended to supplement any treatment plan for babies, children or anyone.  This information is solely for educational purposes about traditional Ayurvedic medicine.

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What is your opinion on immunisations?

Please comment below.


  1. Alternative Therapies Journal. Editorial. Vaccines: Both Sides of the Coin. July/Aug 2015. Vol 21, No.4.

The Lowdown On GHEE

What Is Ghee

Ghee is the crown jewel that joins Ayurvedic medicine and Indian cooking.

Ghee is clarified or purified butter.

Butter is boiled in a specific way & the lactose components & milk solids are separated and strained to produce this concentrated golden substance, ghee. Hence, mostly no-one is allergic to ghee. It’s a totally new product after the cooking process.

This is why "lactose intolerant" individuals can consume ghee with ease.

Today’s western health scene is becoming aware and finally recognising the benefits of this “superfood,” that has been used in India for centuries.

Let me explain the many benefits of using ghee in your everyday cooking...

The History of Ghee

For centuries it has been used as a cooking fat and a food ingredient, but true Ayurvedic tradition uses it in various medicinal preparations. It is still today used in ritual as an esteemed offering.

The Rk Veda (a 3,500+ year-old ancient Sanskrit scripture) says:

This is the secret name of ghee:
“Tongue of the gods”

“Navel of immortality.”
"Streams of ghee caress the burning wood."
"Agni, the fire, loves them and is satisfied."

This indicates that ghee is superb at nourishing the metabolic fires (agni), promotes longevity and is a powerful medium to carry prayer, mantra and intention to feed the Gods (the higher aspects of ourselves) through feeding the fire.

Science Comparing Cooking Oils

If you have a small fire with embers burning and you pour some extra-virgin organic olive oil on that fire - the fire will go out.
If you pour some ghee on the fire - the fire will roar!

Same is with your digestive fire!
Ghee stimulates digestion, enzymes and helps breakdown food. (Food will not give any nourishment until it is broken down).

Most Compatible Fat for The Human Body

Ghee is so critical for the health of the gut and immunity that the colon literally makes its own ghee (butyric acid).

Research has attested to the fact that the beneficial microbes in the gut actually make their own butyric acid, the active ingredient in butter – and even more concentrated in ghee!

Butryic acid is where the world "butter" came from.


This high-quality fat is known to pull toxins out of the tissues, while simultaneously driving nutrients deep into the cells.
Many people know of the new health-craze-ritual “oil pulling,” where you swish oil in the mouth to pull out toxins, strengthen teeth and gums and many more benefits.
Ghee is doing this action of “Pulling toxins out”of your gut!

The ghee has a lipophilic effect on other fatty acids and fatty toxins (meaning these toxic fats are attracted to other fats like ghee), acting like a chelating agent to pull stored fat soluble toxins out of the body and back into the intestines to be eliminated by the body.

Fat Metabolism

Depending on what your body needs, you can put on or loose weight when you incorporate ghee into your diet.

Ghee Enhances Your Metabolism - It enkindles your digestive fire to help you to process the food you eat into a thin nutrient fluid (rasa) which nourishes tissues, rather than turning into thick toxic fluid that deposits into the fat tissue (and other tissues).

Note if you are underweight, ghee will help you put on weight since it assists in tissue nourishment.

Ghee enhances muscle growth (mamsa dhatu vardhaka), which contributes to weight loss, lowers triglycerides and lowers insulin resistance, thus prevents diabetes.

Ghee improves ratio of lean mass to body fat. It decreases fat deposition, especially in the abdomen.

Ghee Balances Cholesterol & Heart Health

Ghee prevents heart disease and cholesterol issues by making the arteries more flexible and lubricated.

Unlike other oils that may easily oxidise, become rancid or create trans fatty acids that clog arteries and cause havoc on the liver. Ghee is one of the best sources of CLA (Conjugated linoleic acid), which prevents inflammation in artery walls and hardening of the arteries (plaque formation).

+ there are loads more benefits of this high source of CLA. There is SO much more to this Ojas increasing, intelligence boosting and sacred sattvic lubricating fat.

Helps Prevent Cancer

Ghee is the highest natural source of Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) (3.7%): the only acid that is anti-cancer, (no other fat oil has linoleic acid apart from safflower oil which has 2.5%).

Counters Body Dryness

Constipation, stiff bones/joints, osteoporosis, dry skin, etc.

Ghee lubricates the organs and the hardened connective tissues, also making the body more flexible.

More Medicinal Qualities

  • Ghee Nourishes Ojas (our immune system and the final end product of digestion) as well as Prana (our life force) and all of our tissues as it is warmly welcomed to penetrate and do its job in the body.
  • Ghee increases intelligence, refines the intellect and improves memory. "Ghritena Vardhate Buddhi."
  • Ghee increases the strength, luster and beauty of the body, slows the ageing process and improves our longevity.
  • Fantastic lip balm for dry and cracked lips.
  • Ghee has the perfect ratio of omega-3:omega-9 fatty acids.
  • Ghee has Vitamins A, D, E and K.
  • Ghee is a very, very stable oil with a smoke point of 252 degrees celcius, making it the safest oil and fat to cook with. (Use as a replacement for cooking oil and butter).

Vital Vedas Ghee

Eating ghee doesn’t only taste amazing, it makes happy beneficial bacteria in your precious gut – the site of digestion and nutrient assimilation, the production of many mood-regulating neurotransmitters and the maintenance of strong immunity.

According to Ayurveda, digestion is everything, so feed your digestive tract the food of the gods – beautiful, luminescent, glorious, golden ghee.

Vital Veda's Glorious Homemade Ghee

Obviously, obtaining and using quality ghee is key. I make ghee at specific times of the day, at auspicious times of the year and with the moon to align with the energetic fields and to increase consciousness flow (Soma) to emotionally charge and support the beneficial microbiology in this golden oil.

Love, Vitality and Nourishment from the Holy Cow!

Dylan Smith
a.k.a. "Gheeru"

Do you use ghee? What about make your own? Comment below.