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Ayurvedic Consultation…………45-60 minutes, $100

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You will be provided with an intricate yet clear diet and lifestyle plan that leads you back to the memory and awareness of your true nature for deeper self-understanding, wellness and balance. This plan guides you to be more independent and self-sufficient in balancing your physiology.
(Skype and Phone Consultations Available).

Follow up-consultation……….…10-30 minutes, $55

With many treatments to choose from, call me for a brief chat so I can suggest you appropriate treatment options. 

AAAbh Mukha bird eye view

Abhyangha: Therapeutic Ayurvedic Massage…….75 minutes, $120 | Series of 5, $550 | Series of 7, $750..

A rejuvenating full body (medicated) oil massage that stimulates lymph and blood circulation, calms the nervous system, and activates the body’s marma points (mind/body junction / vital points). more on the power of Abhyanga


Patra-Poultice/Pinda Sveda:For Aches, Painand Stress.50 mins, $120…
Abhyanga + Patra Poultice, $180…
Series of 3, $500…
Series of 5, $800…
Series of 7, $1000…

Rare concentrated herbs prepared by my teachers coupled with fresh native Australian medicinal leaves, are densely packed in a soft muslin cloth, dipped into warm medicated oil and pampered over the body. This is traditionally done after an Abhyanga as the heat opens up the skin’s pores, allowing the release of toxins and the absorption of the healing herbs. Patra-Poultice is ideal to relieve stress, colic pain, body-aches, joint pain, stiffness, and muscle soreness, to loose weight and to eliminate toxins from the body.
Booking must be made in advance for herbal preparations. 

Parishek and Takra Parishek

Pouring of medicated decoction or medicated buttermilk (Takra) over the body in a rhythmic manner. Parishek as a sveda (sweating treatment) usually done after abhyanga. Takra Parishek is for skin conditions.

Neem Paste: For Skin Conditions…
Your body is covered with a special neem paste prepared with many herbs, and you are left to lie and relax. Great for skin conditions, eczema, psoriasis, shingles, overheated body.

Takra-Dhara: Mind pacifying ……75 minutes, $110 | Series of 5, $540 | Series of 7, $700…TD Steph lanscapeAA

Medicated buttermilk is poured over the head in a rhythmic manner. This is very calming for the mind, alleviates insomnia, headache, fatigue, depletion, pain, hormonal imbalances, anxiety and more. Takra-dhara is especially effective for skin conditions, premature greying of hair, insomnia, releasing past traumas/stresses, excess heat / Pitta. Includes foot massage before for pre-tranquility.
Learn More about the science behind the Takra Dhara Treatment
Booking must be made 24 hrs in advance for herbal preparations.

Shiro-Dhara: Mind pacifying ……75 minutes or a series of treatments. (price to be determined based on the oil used).
Warm medicated oil is poured over the head in a rhythmic manner. This is very calming for the mind, alleviates insomnia, headache, fatigue, depletion, pain, hormonal imbalances, anxiety. Very effective for paralysis, hemiplegia and more. Includes foot massage before for pre-tranquility. Includes take-home oil.

Abhyanga and Takradhara/Shirodhara: The ultimate rejuvenation……2.5 hours, $200. Series of 4, $720. Series of 7, $1200.
This blissful and rejuvenating treatment begins with the traditional therapeutic massage, ushering you into a state of total relaxation. Then this peaceful state is transformed into bliss as we transition into the Takradhara treatment.  This is a complete healing ritual to unite the body and mind.

Shiro Basti: The King of treatments for the mind…….75 minutes, cost as per consultation.
This treatment literally makes you look and feel like a king. A well of warm medicated oil is held on your head by a ‘crown’ for 30-60 minutes. This is very effective for mind related issues including high anxiety, stress or insomnia, spinal issues, tinnitus, snoring etc. This is usually done during Panchkarma or with some preparation before.

External Basti’s

Kati / Greeva Basti: Hot oil treatment for musculo-skeletal ailment
Relaxes the stiff muscles and open the obstructed nerve channels. Includes back massage. This is an effective therapeutic treatment for conditions like frozen shoulder, sciatica, sports injuries, herniated discs, stiff neck, lower and upper back pain etc.

Chakra & Hridaya Basti:
For the heart and energy
Hot oil deeply penetrates into the heart and navel chakra for emotional balance, physical heart health, energy and immunity. Includes massage.

Puppus (Lung) Basti: For the respiratory system
Any respiratory ailment including asthma, bronchitis, difficulty in breathing, hyperventilation, shallow breathing etc.


Yakrit (Liver) Basti: LiverAny liver issue, to cleanse the liver, increase functioning of liver, to strengthen liver and prevent further diseases.

Janu (knee) Basti: Strengthens and Nourishes Knees
Helpful for knee replacements, torn tendons & ligaments, excess fluid, arthritis etc. Clears toxins in the area and can delay surgery. Legs massage included. Take home oil is included in external basti treatments.Janu-Basti-Pour-Steph

External Basti prices: 75 minutes: $100  | series of 5: $440 | series of 7: $580 – (Cost may vary according to oil used)

Learn more about logic and uniqueness of External Basti’s


Netra Tarpana: Eye treatment……

Medicated ghee infuses into your eye, and lubricates the optic tissues and nerves, as well as the throat, ears and brain. This is very effective for dry eye syndrome, regulating hormones, sleep, improving vision and as a preventative to maintain optimum eyesight. This can treatment may restore vitiated eye sight in children. It is also enriches the parasympathetic nervous system (the “rest and digest” system), by nourishing the optic nerve, thus improves mental activity.
60 minutes: $80  | series of 4: $300 | series of 7: $500

Bed Time Treatment – The Ultimate Vata Balancer…..40 minutes, $75**
This treatment is done in the comfort of your own home. Shiro-pichu (application of a little oil to the head) + foot massage + a small nourishing oil enema. This treatment is very effective for the nervous system and for joint problems amongst many other things.

Post Surgical Operation Procedures – Nourishing treatments and applications to help you recover from surgery and operations.

With many treatments to choose from, call me for a brief chat so I can suggest you appropriate treatment options. 

Panchkarma Packages and Detox/Cleanse Programs – enquire within, I am happy to compile treatment plan options for you.

Herbal remedies available

All herbs and oils used are powerful medicated oils specific to your body constitution and the season. Most are sourced and personally prepared from a renown family of Ayurvedic doctors in south India that I regularly work and train with.

*Excludes cost of herbal remedies.
** Price for people in Eastern Sydney or otherwise discussed.

Student prices available.

Contact me for more information and any questions.

Dylan Smith

Ayurvedic Practitioner

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  1. Brana Wolf says

    Hi Dylan,

    I’d like to book a Shiro Dhara for sometime this week.
    Daytimes best for me


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