Ayurvedic Fertility, The Misaligned Superwoman & Juicy Radiance | Heather Grzych {Podcast #043)

Listen on iTunes / Apple Podcast App Listen on Andriod Listen on Spotify Fertility is not only a physiological condition required to have a baby, but is also a crucial state for overall health and a way to utilise the potent energy that is available in a woman. [siteorigin_widget class=”Primrose_SOW_Heading”][/siteorigin_widget] Heather Grzych is the author […]

Considerations and Care for Cancer

Below are a few considerations for those on the journey to helping heal cancer. 1. Slow Down, Cancer Is Mostly Not An Emergency Firstly, in most cases, cancer is not an emergency. Although diagnostics and specialists may urgently rush you into treatment, the truth is, the cancer has probably been in your physiology for quite […]

Epidermal Immunity: Your Epidermis Is Your Shield of Armour

The dynamic activity of the epidermal layer (superficial skin enclosure) is the first level of attack against any intruding organisms, chemical or physical agents, or radiation. Skin Immunity Think of your epidermis like a shield of armour. But beyond this physical barrier are immune cells consisting of macrophages (detect, engulf and destroy) and helper T-cells […]

Foraging & Eating Seaweed ~ Australian Golden Kelp

Australian Algae Abundance For us Australians, right on our doorstep floats an incredibly nutritious and regenerative aquatic plant: Seaweed. The good news is, nearly all of the vast diverse algae available from the salty waters of Australia are not only edible but also delicious and highly nutritious. As it rolls up in waves and hits […]

Ayurvedic Guide to Healthy Menstruation

Menstruation is an important gift and a blessing for the divine woman. Every month, women have a unique opportunity to purity their body and cultivate physical and creative energy (shakti), for the month ahead. It is like pulling back the bow to launch into life with vitality. In most cases, medicines, whether it be drugs […]