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Ayurveda Is Not Indian, It’s Universal | Dylan Smith #073

Listen on iTunes / Apple Podcast App Listen on Spotify Listen on All Other Platforms Ayurveda is has been dubbed “Indian medicine” or “traditional Indian medicine. Ayurvedic medicine certainly has a pronounced presence throughout India and has so for the past millennia, but Ayurveda is not only Indian, it is universal. But why does Ayurveda […]

Children playing in the sun

Building Your Child’s Wellbeing

By Amelia Donnelly Protecting the emotional safety and wellbeing of children is a fundamental concern of every parent.  Currently, we are experiencing challenges in different ways: lockdowns, school closure, remote learning, rising mental health issues and uncertainty to name the most obvious. Navigating situations like extended lockdown can trigger a range of responses and reactions […]

Kārtik Pūrnimā full moon

Kārtika Pūrṇimā – Wild-Pranic Shakti Moon melds with Calm-Warrior Shiva 🔥

This full moon may be the second most important day for your inner Yogi to connect to Śiva consciousness (rooted in Absolute stillness, master of Prana, easily generates full power), second to Mahā Mahāśivarātri (“The Great night of Shiva”). A special full moon, Kārtika Pūrṇimā कार्तिक पूर्णिमा , occurs during the holiest month of the […]

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The Ayurvedic View on Asthma (Śvāsa)

The name for Asthma in Ayurveda sounds just like someone finding it difficult to breath – “Śvāsa” श्वास , pronounced “Shvaa-sa”. Śvāsa is closely related to other respiratory ailments that are also exemplars of Sanskrit’s unique expression of naming a word based on the sound that which it is describing (onomatopoeia). Namely, these other two […]

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Diwali: Spark Radiance & Supersede Limitations | Ācārya Shunya #071

Listen on iTunes / Apple Podcast App Listen on Android Listen on Spotify Diwali (Dīpāvalī दीपावली) is the time of the year to supersede our personal limitations, and enliven the light of consciousness that is the basis of all existence.  AKA the Festival of Lights, it is perhaps the most famous Vedic festival of the […]

Time Expresses the Divine Feminine

You may have heard that the Goddess or “Shakti” is closely related to Time. “Kālī” – the famous expression of the mother divine force that ruthlessly destroys irrelevancy, shares the same root word of “Kāla”, the Sanskrit word for time. So what is the relationship between Time and Mother Divine?