Is Your Morning Shower Toxic for Your Health?

Hot water opens the skins pores and allows the volatile toxic compounds that are abundant in tap water to be absorbed through the skin and lungs. Lungs – there is plenty of space. Thus, it is a common place for ama (toxins and undigested food materials) to deposit and lodge. The skin – the largest […]

The Pathways of Sexual, Spiritual & Creative Energies & Supremely Fulfilling Intimacy | John Gray {Podcast #039}

Listen on iTunes / Apple Podcast App Listen on Andriod Listen on Spotify Relationships of love and service and having great loving sex are fantastic innate ways to express and outlet spiritual energy. This potent energy must be directed appropriately for enlightenment, love, supreme fulfilment and a harmonious society. Join the #1 bestselling relationship author […]

Corona Virus Covid-19 in Ancient Ayurveda

Fever in Ayurveda There are MANY types of fever, known as Jvara in Ayurveda. It is such a dynamic disease and all the types of jvara are unique. Some are mild and easy to cure, some are incurable and potentially fatal. Abhisangaja Jvara (Type of Fever) Abhisangaja jvara is an Āgnatu type of jvara. Āgnatu = fever […]

Poem to Tulsi (Holy Basil) – The Holiest of Herbs

Sri Tulsi They say you are the Queen of herbs, and no doubt thou shall see, that therapeutically. My dear Holy Basil, you are far more than a queen. You are mother divine whose pungent and bitter leaves shine. Your shakti (power) provides infinite adaptability. In times of stress, your ability to balance hormones marks […]

Things To Know Before Your Consultation / Treatment with Vital Veda

[siteorigin_widget class=”Primrose_SOW_Heading”][/siteorigin_widget] Thank you for booking an online consultation with Dylan! We very much look forward to working with you. Your phone consultation will be via What’s App. Please send Dylan a selfie of you in advance via What’s App – good resolution, no shadows, no glasses, no hat. Please include your full name. +61 […]

Why It’s Far More Important to Filter Bathing Water than Drinking Water

Many people use a filter for their drinking water, yet don’t realise it’s far more important to filter their bathing water. Here are The 10 top reasons why it’s more important to filter your shower and bath water, than your drinking water: 1) You’re exposed to a much greater volume of water and hence toxic chemical load […]

Expanded Medical Awareness, Parasites, Detoxification, Stealth Infections | Dr. Jessica Peatross {Podcast #036}

Listen on iTunes / Apple Podcast App Listen on Andriod Listen on Spotify Getting to know other constituents and elements (like heavy metals and electro-magnetic fields) and the micro-organisms like (parasites, bacteria, viruses) that are share an intimate connection with our mind and body and are apart of the play of life. [siteorigin_widget class=”Primrose_SOW_Heading”][/siteorigin_widget] Functional […]